30 August 2005

Assorted Mints

Or the title of this very blog: "Five Flavors of Reflections" ..... or, better still, "oleomargarine" -- the subject line my friend Steve Farrington (R.I.P.) used to put on e-mails which meandered among various topics.

Just a few thoughts:

1) I've been given a correction to my previous post about the ASU Indians. I've been laboring under the misconception that my alma mater, the Chicago Cubs of Division 1-A NCAA Football, have had nothing but losing seasons since 1987. I am wrrrrrrRONG!!!! There was the 1997 season, when the Tribe finished 6-5. Thanks, Stoney, for setting me straight.

2) My brother-in-law was busted for drug possession over the weekend. Less than an ounce of Fine Colombian found in his car (he was stopped for impaired driving - he didn't get home before all his "back meds" kicked in). "That s**t doesn't belong to me!", he told the officers. Yeah, surrrrrrrrrre.

The $64,000 Question, Who Wants To Divorce A Sponge, and Newlywed Game 25-point bonus question -- all rolled into one -- is: will this finally make Seraphim's younger sis wake up and smell the Yuban??!!

3) I'm so glad TV LAND has begun running a block of classic SCTV episodes late on Friday nights. I have the DVR set up to capture 'em. Right now I'm watching one of my most favorites, the one where the USSR TV station breaks into the signal off and on throughout the program. "3-C-P-1 on your dial. Russian Television." Totally funny!

4) I bought about a pound and a half of green peanuts with the intent of whipping up a batch of Boiled Peanuts Ala Gleck. But I needed 1.5 cups of salt, and we're down to less than 1/2 cup. @#$%!! It's getting late, otherwise I'd run to the store and get some. Note to self: hit the grossy sto on the morrow and grab a canister of NaCl. There's always tomorrow night.

When it rains, it pours.

Ciao for niao

--Talmadge "Where's the Morton Girl? I want that salt shaker!" Gleck

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