17 August 2005

Gorillaz to Archiez

My son is now into a "virtual group" called Gorillaz. (here's their entry in Wikipedia)
It's described as a techno hip-hop outfit, but what I've heard thus far is actually more on the techno and not all that much rap-oriented. This band's "history", outlined on this page, is rather funny ... and I admit to getting a laugh out of how 'member' Noodle joined the band: she arrived from Japan in a FedEx box! Other 'member' 2D is so named because of two dents in his head resulting from an accident.

Most of the drawings of Gorillaz in a 'photo-op' setting are quite dark and ominous, but one of their latest hits I heard while with the kid last weekend is called "Feel Good, Inc." It's a really cool song, actually. They remind me of the glory days of music videos, when rock acts actually strived to make videos with substance, instead of the obnoxious ego vehicles so many are nowadays.

Okay, so you have an animated "band" fronted by behind-the-scenes people. I haven't the heart to tell my son the idea isn't exactly original.......

Remember a certain animated pop band made up of a gaggle of comic book characters? Of course you do, much as I'm sure we all wish we could forget. While most of the time I wouldn't trade memories of my 13-year-old existence for his, at least if I were to do so, I would not recognize the group known as THE ARCHIES.

While on my last visit to Kmart, I noticed the small display of Archie comic books. Holy Toledo (and other fine Ohio cities), it's like they're still trapped in a 1972 time warp. They probably still play "Sugar Sugar" in Reggie's garage, thinking they're the coolest thing to hit the music scene since Duran Duran.

And erstwhile drummer Jughead, after all these years, is still alive. He's the DRUMMER. Why in hades hasn't he died from asphyxiation, or an OD ... or other creative ways drummers are supposed to kick the bucket (or bass drum)? And does he still wear that stupid "S" on his shirt?

Sometimes life's not fair. My son has Gorillaz. We were stuck with The Archiez.

Where's Big Moose when you need him?

Ciao for niao!


bolivar said...

Dear Mr. Gleck,

Here is the update on Jughead: after getting kicked out of the band because of "creative differences" (the rest of the band was creative, & Jug was different), he became the drummer of a very famous English band called Spinal Tap. Exploded on stage during the opening drum fills of "Big Bottom". He was still wearing the shirt with the "S" on it. He will be sorely missed by the rock-n-roll community.

Bolivar Shagnasty

Heatshield said...

Archies RULE!!