20 August 2005

I do love dogs, what's your point?

Continuing with our Saturday out 'n' about, with my newly-acquired vinyl delights I headed back toward the university to pick up Seraphim. It was just about 430, so we made a beeline for the Regal Cinemas behind the Savannah Mall. "Must Love Dogs" is a movie we'd both wanted to see (John Cusack has to go out of his way to make a bad movie -- "High Fidelity" and "Better Off Dead" are classics).

$12 for two matinee admissions and $13.50 for two drinks and medium popcorn later, we were in our seats. After half a dozen previews and as many commercials, the movie began right on the nose at 4:40.

The big reason this flick piqued our interest? As some of you know, I met Seraphim online. It was 1998, the early days of Yahoo! Personals. Barely three months out of a divorce, I ventured into that area late one night in a fit of "is this just as much of a joke as the People Meeting People section of the Sunday paper??" Yeah, let's see what kind of desperate people we can find.

Yeah, let's see what kind of crow Talmadge can eat. Just a matter of minutes after entering Yahoo! Personals, my life was forever changed. One woman got my attention and I actually RESPONDED to her. How did it go?

I've now been married to said "one woman" for closing in on five years.

Here's the entry for 'Must Love Dogs' on IMDB. It's a sweet movie. Worth every penny of inflated admission, overpriced Coke and insufficiently-buttered popcorn.

"Must Love Dogs" makes me thankful for several things:

1) Seraphim. Plain and simple.

2) That following my divorce, I didn't have to endure sleazy one-night-stands, bad dates, 30-something women whose clocks are clearly audible: TICK TICK TICK TICK!!!!! ... even if the chemistry was perfect, once they found out I got a vasectomy years ago, they'd do an about-face and disappear in a cloud of I'm-running-out-of-time dust .... or, worst of all, a clone of Josiebelle - my ex-wife.

3) That Josiebelle set me free in 1997. Thank you. I suspect Seraphim thanks you, too.

4) That we have a dog just as show-stealing as the ones in this movie. Seraphim raised her from a pup -- and both accepted me into their hearts and lives.

5) See item #1.

I like it when people find happiness after tragedy. Some will call this a "chick flick"; I don't really agree. It's funny - and I love the subplot involving "Dr. Zhivago", with Cusack and his friend. Kind of a parody of the "An Affair To Remember" scenes with Rosie O'Donnell and Meg Ryan from "Sleepless in Seattle."

And I really love it when I see happiness-after-tragedy movies in 2005, as opposed to 1995, when I first laid eyes on a film called "Untamed Heart." That movie, back then, depressed the shitzu out of me. Sure, Christian Slater met with a tragic conclusion, but he was loved to the end by Marisa Tomei. We all should be so lucky to be loved like that.

Ten years later, I am.

"Must Love Dogs" is full of a positive "hope" message. It gives real hope for anyone who has yet to hit three 7s on love's slot machine - regardless of their age.

Ciao for niao!

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