30 August 2005

Katrina and the ...... naaaaaaaw!

...I can't say it. It would be outrageous, tacky and compleatly wrong. But suffice it to say this Katrina was not walking on sunshine.

I don't remember who said it, but the quote was about Biloxi, Miss.: "This is our tsunami." Like many, we've been staring at CNN and/or The Weather Channel (or some even keep it on Fox News - "Katrina: Why the Liberal Democrats Caused This Storm!").

Anyway, we look at the news channels in stunned silence. I remember Ivan and how it all but destroyed coastal Alabama -- even doing damage most of the way upstate. Holy cripes, I dare say Katrina makes Ivan look like the small squall we had breeze through Savannah this afternoon. I shudder hearing all the sound bytes from coastal Mississippians, all varying themes of the same sentiment: this was worse than Hurricane Camille in 1969! Wow!

I have a great deal of raw video footage taken in the aftermath of Camille ... and Biloxi, Gulfport and Pass Christian all looked like war zones. If Katrina was indeed worse ..... God help those poor people!

Monday morning I had this sick feeling in my stomach -- it was looking as if New Orleans was about to be turned into a modern-day Atlantis. I didn't wish this on anyone else ... but I am glad New Orleans was spared armageddon. Their cleanup process will be long and painful, however I'm sure things will be up and going in plenty of time for next year's Mardi Gras.

Although I imagine it'll be a long time before people start cutting decks of 52 again along the Mississippi coast.

I join most everyone else in praying hard for those struggling to put the pieces back together in Mississippi, Louisiana and parts of Alabama.

All the while reminding myself of a well-used phrase of wisdom: There But For The Grace of God Go I. Savannah, Georgia is long overdue for "the big one." What happened with Katrina, Ivan, et al, could just as easily happen to us.

Ciao for niao.

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