16 September 2005

Cell-ing our souls to Alltel

Last night Seraphim and I re-upped our cellphone service and got a couple of spiffy new phones ... it was buy one get one free, and we retired our Nokia phones we got back in December of '03 and now have Audiovox flip phones with color screens. Yeah, baby. Every time I open my phone, I hear in my head, "The following program is brought to you in living color on NBC" (which explains why peacock feathers always spit out of my phone whenever I make calls). Buh bye, monochrome monitor -- we're now flyin' high in full freakin' colour!!! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!

Cellphones are our only phone service -- we ditched our landline when we bought our house and moved in early in '04. Say whatever you will, but I haven't had a telemarketer call me since the end of 2003. Can YOU say that? :-D

Anyhoo, this cellphone has, among other high-falutin' options, 'voice recognition' Yeppers, now Seraphim can open her phone, say "TALMADGE!" and it'll call my phone. That's how it works. Most of the time. Last night Seraphim said "TALMADGE!" and the next voice she heard was ..... MY MOTHER!

I tried setting mine up to do the same. Unfortunately, when I got all mad at a car which cut me off in traffic this afternoon, I yelled out "Stupid @#$%!!"

Next voice I heard was my former boss back in Alabama. (how did James get on my speed-dial, anyway???)

Then I was watching an episode of Brat Camp tonight, and remarked to Seraphim how much of an angst-filled spoiled delinquent this one kid was. "He's such a BRAT!", I exclaimed.

The cellphone called my son. (Good thing my ex-wife didn't answer, heh heh)

So this promises to be quite an adventure. Alltel has us on the hook for another two years, and we have shiny new phones.

Call us some time. BR-549. Ask for Junior.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "THAT'S ALL!!!" Gleck

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