07 September 2005

Could our turn be next?

October 4, 1995: Went through Hurricane Opal as its eye passed just miles west of Troy, Alabama. It was still a good category 2 storm as it gave the town a good roughing up.

September 2005: Another year ending in 5, and another storm beginning with O. Coincidence ... or prophesy?

A storm named Ophelia is now brewing off the Florida coast. Right now it's a tropical storm and nearly stationary. Predicted tracks at the present time have it doing anything from turning left, going through Fla., and entering the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Another scenario has Ophelia continuing north, then taking a right turn into the open Atlantic. Even that one doesn't offer any guarantees; it could easily do a loop-de-loop and start toward Savannah.

And there's also the possibility that the storm -- in any event predicted to reach hurricane status -- will continue northward and come ashore on or near Savannah.

I'm not much of a believer in coinky-dinks, so the seemingly-insignificant parallels (year ending in 5, storm beginning with O) kinda have me on edge.

While folks dealing with Katrina's aftermath have much greater problems, please keep the southeast coast in your thoughts. I don't wish these hurricanes on anyone.

Ciao for niao!


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