29 October 2005

Bad news, good news

[sighhhhhh] "Dammit, Seraphim!"
"I'll go get dressed."

Translated from Talmadge & Seraphim-ese into proper English: "Say, honey, how do you feel about going into town and eating at IHOP?" "Why Talmadge dear, I would love to."

After uploading my last post, I got myself deodorized, pasteurized, homogenized and Simonized. Then Seraphim and I transported ourselves into Savannah, as we listened to the last half of Car Talk and the beginning of Whad'ya Know! (Not much. You??)

My brain cells were dripping saliva at the very sight of the IHOP roof (Savannah's is a refurbished building from the old days, when they had those steep-pitched roofs).

All is good. IHOP is in sight. Today's gonna be a greaaaaaat daaaaaay!

Then we learned the meaning of the oft-used phrase "the best-laid plans of mice and men..." For we didn't count on: 1) today being Savannah State University's homecoming. and 2) the homecoming parade was at 9 AM, and was over by 1030. That's right, boys and girls, IHOP had a full parking lot and a line out the door.

[insert "Price is Right" loser music here]

Whoooookay, although we're still hungry, we moved on to the other thing on our list of things to do: visit this one cake shop. Since they closed at noon, we high-tailed it there. Woo-hoo! It's in the same little strip as a little hole-in-the-wall used CD store I occasionally frequent. (that sounds awfully contradictory, don't you think?) While Seraphim talks to the owner, further refining her plans and dreams of eventually opening a cake shop of her own, I hike my hungry arse down to Silly Mad CDs (yes, that's the name of the store).

The owner has added a small vinyl section, stocked with some things from his own collection he's trying to get rid of. Not much to be found there, but he had a small box stuffed with 45s, $1.00 a pop. I found about half a dozen I liked, along with a used CD (POCO / Crazy Loving: The Best of Poco 1975-1982, in case you're curious; until now, all the Poco in my collection was on glorious vinyl).

From there, we tried IHOP again. @#$%, still standing room only. Heck, the place resembled Logan's or Olive Garden on your average given night. "Here, take this drink coaster with all the cool flashing lights inside. When your table's ready, we'll activate it and scare the crap out of you with the sudden burst of flashing LED activity, vibration, and roaring sound. Meantime, may I suggest a (pricey) drink at our bar?"

With breakfast still on our mind (it was now pushing 12 noon), we tried Denny's just up the way on Abercorn. Same situation as IHOP. Then there was a place next to Kroger on Mall Blvd. called "The Original Pancake House." Never having been there, we decided to try it. Hmph, it seemed like all of Savannah State's alumni had cravings for breakfast at the noon hour, too.

[play "Price is Right" loser music again]

We were starving ... and ready to wish a pox on Savannah State's football team for ruining our dreams of a heavenly IHOP breakfast! (for what it's worth, the SSU Tigers lost to Central State of Ohio, 28-27). I was kidding about the pox; who would wish a homecoming loss on any university? Well, except Troy (Not-)State, heh heh heh ... [smirk]

But I digress. As Team Gleck circled the bottlenecked area surrounding Oglethorpe Mall, we decided on a place to eat: Golden Corral. Dreams of breakfast samplers and omelets die hard. But a pipin' hot buffet with fried chicken, baked ham, and other succulent soul food, was a nice consolation prize.

There was a small line, but it wasn't as crowded as the other restaurants north of the mall. In the foyer there was a GC employee who was raising money for the Disabled American Veterans. On the table beside her was a wheel with red stripes, white stripes, one space marked "free spin" and one blue with lots of white stars (but no "bankrupt" space, drat it!). $1.00 got you a spin. Land on red, get a free drink. Land on white, ya get nothing. Land on the stars, you get a free buffet meal.

I gave the dollar to the lady. Seraphim gave the wheel a spin (yes, it went all the way around at least once -- otherwise I would've boo'ed her).

File under: SILVER LINING!! It landed on the stars!! Sweet ... Seraphim ate free. Total price for lunch: $12.69 It was good, except for having to be at the mercy of a server for your drink. When my Coke glass is empty, I'd just as soon get up and procure some more myself, thank you (the way Old Country Buffet does it .... gawd, I miss that chain)

All in all, it was a nice day. But we were eager to get back home to Puddy, who seems to have come down with a bug. She's been achy since yesterday, shaking and acting all gloomy. In fact, the poor dog slept on her little pillow in the living room -- not on our bed with us, per usual. If Puddy's still feeling this way Monday, I'll REALLY give her a reason to shake: a trip to the vet!

Thus sums up Talmadge & Seraphim's Excellent Saturday Adventure. If you actually read this far, you deserve a gold medal. Go to the store and buy some and bake a batch of cookies or something.

Ciao for niao!

--Talmadge "No, Bolivar, I did NOT buy The Guess Who's soundtrack from the film Janet Must Die, And Die Two Hours Ago" Gleck

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