15 October 2005

In memory of the real Nick @ Nite

[note to self: return gauchos bought as early Christmas gift for Seraphim......]

This blog entry comes to you from palatial remote studios in beautiful, lovely and picturesque Troy, Alabama.


Anyhoo, I'm sitting here while my son Tiger is lying down on the bed watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Nick At Nite.

And it reminded me of a very depressing reality: the Nick At Nite my kid enjoys is a far cry from the Nick At Nite I used to live for watching during college and early adulthood. Back then N@N was full of great, classic comedy: Mr. Ed, Car 54, Where Are You, My Three Sons, Donna Reed Show, and more no-longer-acknowledged classics of early television.

My kingdom for Nick At Nite, circa 1991. All those timeless shows above, plus Dragnet and Alfred Hitchcock Presents; N@N even ran Hitchcock eps uncut.

Sure, you can find I Love Lucy or M*A*S*H reruns damn near anywhere you turn (especially the latter, which seems to run in continuous 3+ hour blocks on The Hallmark Channel). But WHERE HAS THE REST OF TELEVISION'S HISTORY GONE??!!

Turn on N@N and you'll see nothing older than Cosby Show. I think such "classic", "old" television as Friends is bound for N@N very soon.

And it's not just Nick, either. GSN, a/k/a The Channel Formerly Known As Game Show Network, has decided people like me are too old, and are now running endless reality guano and "celebrity poker" ..... phooey!

Where's Lawrence Welk when you need him? When ABC canceled his weekly program in 1970 due to the high age of its viewing audience, Welk didn't hang up his baton -- instead he took his bottle of champagne and hauled his "musical family" into the realm of syndication, where he found even greater success.

I'm 40 years old, but these days I feel as geriatric as television execs wish to assume I am. Sorry, but reality shows do nothing for me.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I wanna swig of Geritol" Gleck


eYe Am RĂ¼diger said...

Ahh yes Nick@Nite...what fond memories of being -oh what was it, 11-12-13 years old for me. Staying up all damn night, litteraly all night! And this was years before speed entered my life as a mineral supliment.

Where are you Car 54?that's the show where I learned the word "nonchalant". Remenber the Nonchalant episode!? Mr. Ed, That silly dern horse! What kind of headache will he give Wilbur today? And Donna Reed, just like my mom, except Mrs.Reed didn't get stoned when she was pregnant with Jeff or Mary! My Three Sons, Chip-what a dumb kid! And what was up with Uncle Charlie, you know, Bubs cousin or brother or lover...whoever he was -he was fucking creepy! Well hey pal, Lawrence Welks bubbles can still be enjoyed, you just may have to look harder, but he's still there. This is just a fraction of why I don't watch that dirty mindfill anymore, I spend my time on the ever enlightnig -and- wholesome internet for my entertainment and education! Did you know Doggiestyle isn't just for dogs or just for people? I saw a documentry film with mans best friend and his ol ladie experiencing it. Whoah! And Horses, they now do the riding sometimes! Amazing how the world wide web brings the worlds differences together! Much better than that lie machine boob toob! Nick@Nite was bliss at one time, but that was black and white imagry...now we be cyber-tranced...

Godspeed~SINcerely, ~R~

Talmadge G. said...

Enjoyed your comment ... and it got me to thinking about "Uncle Charley." Truthfully, it wasn't him I worried about with the kids, it was his predecessor BUB (played by William "Fred Mertz" Frawley).

Not really that eager to watch a whole lot of Welk - just an example of how a man so brilliantly thumbed his nose at network execs.

What we need is a channel for us elderl--I mean, the 40+ demographic.