19 October 2005

Two on a match: Found Money!

[with apologies to a wonderful game show from the '70s, Three on a Match]

On the way home, we stopped by the "curb store" (as my wife and her Dad call it) and procured ourselves drinks for supper - their 44-oz. fountain drinks are 99 cents.

With a dollar left over, I bought a scratch-off. Gave it to Seraphim for her to do.
Funny, she almost threw it away, thinking she 'busted' on it. Then she realized it was match TWO and win, not the more-common match three. (The match-twos have six amounts, versus the nine found on the match-threes)

Amount we won: $30.00 Not too bad for a dollar's investment. I almost feel like Hillary Clinton playing futures!

Today, Seraphim won again -- a free drink prize under the cap of her Diet Coke.

If good news comes in threes, as it's said, then maybe our forthcoming planned evening on the Diamond Casino boat this Saturday night promises to bring forth a bounty of jackpot fortune.

Oy vey! I just mucked that one up. Nice going, Gleck! You just jinxed it all!

No, the boat will probably eat up both the scratch-off winnings and the miniscule amount Seraphim and I add to it to gamble with. And do it in 30 minutes, just as we had happen several years ago on the casino boat down in Brunswick, Ga.

Ah, but this time we'll be carrying a good luck charm. She's held her own in a recent poker tourney, so maybe we'll get lucky this time. :-)

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "7-7-7" Gleck

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