15 November 2005

I'm nuts about dead insects

Okay, friends, here is the offending cashew to which I referred earlier today. I showed it to Seraphim, and she too votes "dead bug."

Do you realize I could just as easily have bitten into THIS half??

One part of me never wants to go near another cashew. The other, more rational side (yes, people, I have one, believe it or not!) says "you've been eating cashews for, how long?, not years; we're talking decades here!" True enough, all that good eatin', and it took this long to nearly bite into a dead insect.

Matters not in this case -- this jar's still headed back for Kroger.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "meddle not into the affairs of bugs, for they taste crunchy with cashews" Gleck

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