22 November 2005

THE "SUNDAY" 9: Docked a couple of points

.....for the two days this thing is late.

And here we are with another edition of THE SUNDAY 9. Brought to you by Gallmark "Gold Tiara" Stores, now with a newly-expanded line of belated cards. Look for the 'Shoehorn' cards, complete with that bitchy-looking lady saying something clever, like "Sorry I'm so late with this birthday card. Deal with it. I can't stand you anyway, so I don't know why I'm even bothering to send you a card to begin with!"

There is a valid reason for my tardiness, and Bolivar will be receiving it in the next week or so. Heh heh.

Today, in honor of The Turkey's Day of Doom, a simple list of seven (7) things for which I'm thankful (remember, I'm taking two points off for the lateness):

1) Tiger, my son. Even though lately he's been trying my outermost limits of patience with his attitude and teenage angst.

2) Seraphim, my wife. January 6th will mark five years we will have been joined at the parchment. A finer woman, a higher-quality woman, a more loving woman has never been, nor will ever be, created. I love you, my Grand Poo Bah!

3) Co-workers I dare say I love like family. Yes, even the one who sometimes tries the outermost limits of my patience. I count myself beyond fortunate that I've been among this motley group for more than five years.

4) Real friends. One I've had for almost 20 years. Another I 'met' online when I bumped into her website, found it highly entertaining, and e-mailed her about it. One, who several years ago died before his time of a brain tumor, I miss terribly. With me, it's always been about quality, not quantity. It costs me in numbers, but those friends I have -- real friends, not those who place greater loyalties on 'academic brethren', churches or places -- are worth more than the the Beatles "Butcher" cover.

5) My best friend. Yeah, yeah, call it padding. This is a repeat of item #2.

6) Puddy. 10 years old and still feisty as ever. Our Cocker/Brittany Spaniel mix is the one who really 'rules the roost' around here. Seraphim raised her from a puppy, but Puddy and I both accepted the other into our hearts.

7) Family. Nobody's perfect, we've had problems over the years, but I do know it can be much, much worse. And Thursday, all of us will be at the table sharing fellowship over Mom's classic turkey.

Think of what all you're thankful for, and treasure them all.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, from all of us quirky folk at the Gleck household.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Turkey, Beware" Gleck

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