31 December 2005

Albums I'd take with me on a three hour tour

Okay, I'm baited. I've got to chime in with my own 'desert island discs' list. And no, I will not fudge and include any box sets. Can't say I won't be tempted, tho'.....

Disclaimer: all this is null and void if my stint on said island is not shared by a Professor. I know a little bit about electronics, but I'm totally lost when faced with the task of keeping a CD player going with coconuts and bamboo after the batteries give out (something tells me I won't be seeing a pink rabbit percussionist; they aren't too good at walking on water).

1) STEELY DAN / The Royal Scam
I could go with Gold, as Nettiemac did. But I couldn't do without "Scam." The title track alone gives it the keys to my 10-disc kingdom. Runner-ups: Aja, Countdown to Ecstasy.

2) THE MOODY BLUES / To Our Children's Children's Children
I'd rather cart the entire 1968-72 output of the Magnificent Moodies with me, but that would be breaking the rules (@#$% stupid rackin-frackin' rules....). So much as I love On the Threshold of a Dream enough to bring it, I cannot do without Children's. From the intensity of "Higher and Higher" to the eternal hope of "Eternity Road" to ..... wow .... the aching, lump-in-the-throat longing of "Watching and Waiting", it's a perfect Moody Blues record. Well, maybe not perfect -- if "Have You Heard (Part I)/The Voyage/Have You Heard (Part II)" could migrate over from Threshold, I wouldn't complain a bit.

Critics might hate them as being too pretentious and full of pseudo-intellectual "recitings", but I care not. The song in my heart is forever accompanied by a mellotron.

3) RUSH / Signals
A different style than the previous Rush albums; they were exploring synthesizers and obsessions with technology -- two of the albums' cuts, after all, are "The Analog Kid" and "Digital Man." The 'hit single' from Signals was "New World Man", but I vote "Subdivisions" as my favorite track. This album was a big part of my senior year life's soundtrack.

4) DONALD FAGEN / The Nightfly
Another senior year must-have. When Fagen broke with Walt Becker after Steely Dan's last studio LP, Gaucho, he went on to put together a marvelous concept album about a kid growing up in a northeast suburb in the late '50s. "I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)" was the hit single from Nightfly, and got airplay late in 1982, but my favorite track -- okay, tracks -- is a tossup between "Walk Between the Raindrops" and "New Frontier." "Frontier" should've been the big hit.

5) GEORGE HARRISON / All Things Must Pass
6) NEIL YOUNG / Harvest Moon
Two albums which gave me peace during hard times in my life. Even now, with a life much more content and fulfilling than it was a decade back, I still enjoy kicking back and playing these.

7) STEVE ROACH / Quiet Music
Peaceful ambient music for the starry nights. If the radio can't pick up a station running Music From the Hearts of Space, I'll settle for this CD.

8) VAN MORRISON / His Band and the Street Choir
The voice. Say no more. The touch choice here was which Van the Man record to include. Runner-ups: Astral Weeks, Tupelo Honey, Moondance and St. Dominick's Preview.

9) MARVIN GAYE / Anthology
What's an island without a little soul? Give me his duets with the late Tammi Terrell, as well as the "Inner City Blues", "Trouble Man" and "One More Heartache."

As proxy for syrup of ipecac if I eat a bum coconut. Also to remind me that there are worse things than being marooned. Even if my companion, a volleyball, is 'the silent type.'

Better yet, how about a "desert island 30 GB iPod"? Please?

Ciao for niao!

--Talmadge "Now what did I do with that flare?" Gleck


nettiemac said...

DOH! I never even considered Nightfly..... I'm a bad girl.

bolivar said...

Yes, Nettiemac, you are a bad girl!! Some meaningless useless opinions:

1. ROYAL SCAM / Steely Dan

It would be hard to pick out just one Steely Dan album. I would probably lean more towards "Ecstasy".


Excellent choice. Anything from 1967-1972 is an excellent choice. Even their later stuff is pretty ace.

3. SIGNALS / Rush

I can see why this would be on your list - senior memories. "Subdivisions" is the best song on the LP, & "New World Man" is their only top-40 hit (#21). I prefer either "Moving Pictures" or "Presto".

4. THE NIGHTFLY / Donald Fagen

There is not a bad song on this album. It's just a shame that it would be another 10 years before he would put out another studio album.

5. ALL THINGS MUST PASS / George Harrison

Personal memories for me as well, Tal. By far the best post-Beatles solo album.

6. HARVEST MOON / Neil Young

Believe it or not, there was a lot of great music in the 1990s. This is in my top 5 of the best albums of the decade. The title track is one of my all-time favorite love songs. There is still a lot of life left in Mr. Young.

7. QUIET MUSIC / Steve Roach

I bought my first Steve Roach CD about a year ago, kind-of like an intro to. Very ambient, very atmospheric stuff. Very cool.


Van is still the man. There will be a Van LP on my list. The choices are: "Astral Weeks", "Moondance", "His Band...", "Avalon Sunset", "Beautiful Vision", or "The Healing Game". Any one I pick - well, you can't go wrong with any of these.

9. ANTHOLOGY / Marvin Gaye

Another excellent choice. But you can not have a Marvin Gaye compilation without a little "Sexual Healing". That song always - and I mean always - sets the mood.

10. WE ARE IN LOVE / Harry Connick, Jr.

Tal, you are a very sick man. Couldn't you have put the Shaggs complete works on there? I know it's out - Terry Adams of NRBQ personally saw to its reissue in 1988. You gotta have "My Pal Foot Foot" in there somewhere.

And there you have it. Feel free to discuss.