21 December 2005

Oh, Gosh - I'm gonna burn in heck!

Which, of course, evokes images of the Dilbert "heck satan" character, who carries a large spoon instead of a trident.

This past weekend, the Gleck clan again visited the lovely and depressing environs of Troy, Alabama. Christmas proper this year will be spent with Seraphim's family, but the Gleck family [snap! snap!] celebrated the other day.

Saturday we had "Christmas Dinner." We were all seated around the table -- Papa Gleck, Mama Gleck, Talmadge, Seraphim and Tiger Gleck ... and brother, his wife and two little girls. Our oldest niece (age 4) said something to the effect of "Oh my gosh!" .... only to be scolded by her mother.

Seems the word GOSH is considered offensive and blasphemy in The Other Gleck Household. To each their own, but I'd never heard such a thing. My son Tiger chimed in with something he claimed to have read about in literature class -- that the word "G(BLEEP)h" is not the 'safe substitute' many think; that "G(BLEEP)h" is a euphemism for "the holy ghost" (and no, Tiger doesn't buy it) My gos--er, ah, I mean, my WORD. No, wait, "Word" is short for "Word of God", a/k/a The Holy Bible. That's probably blasphemous too.

But what about "gawrsh"? That's what Goofy says. It's a variation of the word "g(BLEEP)h" .... so I guess we should be organizing a full-tilt boycott of Goofy. Burn him in effigy. Pluto, too. Heck (I'm sure that's probably a bad word somehow, too), let's burn all dogs. "Dog" spelled backwards is "God." And that's a subliminal blasphemy. Kill them all. And their little ... um, bones.

[Puddy, you don't have to cower. Don't you know sarcasm when you read it? :-)]

The word G(BLEEP)H, of course, caused my mind to visit what will become (if it isn't already) one of the all-time classics of cinema: Napoleon Dynamite. And, given the LDS overtones in that movie (filmed in and takes place in lower Idaho) and the Mormons' conscientious avoidance of cussing in general, if he says "G(BLEEP)h!" as often as he does in that flick, certainly it isn't THAT bad.

So ... what do you think? Will usage of the word "GOSH" cause one to enter The Alternate Kingdom?

As you can see, I'm really worried. [rolls eyes]

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Wonder what would happen if I bought my niece a pair of Osh Kosh B'g(BLEEP)h overalls?" Gleck


nettiemac said...

I bet the Other Mrs. Gleck would just effin' faint dead away around me... GOSH!

nettiemac said...

PS: I forgot -- the character is "Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light, Ruler of All Heck"

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bolivar said...

I may burn in heck for this, so here goes:

Hey Nettiemac - I am a big fan of Dilbert & Dogbert. I didn't realize that you are a member of the DNRC! What do I need to do to join?