07 January 2006

Another exciting Seraphim Saturday!

The Wifely One and I went "into town" today, with the intent of accomplishing five things:
1) Breakfast/lunch at IHOP. We never give up.
2) Swing by this plant nursery to give ourselves an anniversary gift: a small poplar tree to plant in our back yard. The fifth anniversary is "wood", so there ya go.
3) Go over to Hancock Fabrics and find some fabric to make curtains for our bedroom. The existing blinds don't keep out the glare from the big floodlights the people behind us like to keep on all night.
4) Go to the movie theater and see Walk the Line. We've been wanting to ever since it came out, but this was the first opportunity.
5) Eat supper at Back Yard Burgers.

We accomplished a grand total of three things out of said five. Let's review:

1) IHOP: This time, yes! And it was delightful. Pancakes really hit the spot, but so did the breakfast sampler in general. And the hash browns were especially wonderful today. Mmmm!

2) Plant nursery: Yes, we went. No, we didn't get a tree. Small logistical snafu: We took the Civic into town, not the Element. Even a small tree would not have begun to fit in that little car.

3) Hancock Fabrics: Yes! We got the curtain materials. 40% off per yard, to boot. Eat fabric, evil floodlights!

4) Movie Theater: No. Hell, no. It's Saturday. The movie started at 415 PM. It's a matinee on a lazy January when the biggest movies showing (Harry Potter, King Kong, etc.) have been out for some time. But there was only one (1) person jockeying the ticket counter. The line literally snaked all through the lobby. We were told by some others that the theater next door had long lines, too. WTF??

I guess this'un will have to wait 'till it comes out on DVD. @#$%!! It's something which seems to personify Savannah -- very poor customer service in many places (can you say Toys R Us with only one [!] register open at 630 PM on a Friday night in mid December?). Seraphim was beginning to sound like Talmadge Gleck just about every day back in Troy, Alabama. For me, just thinking of my life back in that septic tank puts an immediate perspective to any bass-ackwards situations in Slow-vannah.

In any event, the next time I hear or see any theater manager crying in his $5.00 Coke and whining about theater attendance being down, I'll have a quick rebuttal. We'll save our "Cash" for the DVD release. Viva la Movie Gallery!

So, to kill some time -- I had my heart set on Back Yard Burgers for supper, and by gawd I was gonna have my friggin' BYBs! -- we paid a visit to White/Black/Migrant Trash Capitol Of The Entire Southeast U.S. Thaaaaat's right, my good people, we ventured past the big gaudy plastic cow and into the no man's land of Keller's Flea Market! (website: www.ilovefleas.com)

NEW 4) Keller's Flea Market. Yes, I suppose. Seraphim and I looked around -- it's like your average Salwill or Goodvation Army thrift stores: mostly useless crap, but if you keep looking you'll find some goodies. Ventured past something very heartbreaking and outrageous that made me see red (more on that in a second), and into the antique section - a really good part of the complex, where I found an old early '70s yearbook with some vintage ads I wanted to scan and copy (mostly relating to Savannah broadcast history). Not too bad for a single Lincoln note.

Inside that building they were playing our locally-owned 'eclectic rock' station, WRHQ 105.3 ... and a 'forgotten' Alan Parsons track came on, the marvelous "Breakdown." At the same time I was thumbing through a crate of old LPs. I swear, at the second bar of that song, I came upon a copy of their album I Robot, on which that song appears! (never mind that it so far gone, Franklin Chestnut wouldn't have accepted it for his famous "Turkey" bin -- besides, I already have a copy).

5) Supper at Back Yard Burgers: YES! It truly hit the spot.

Final score: 3 of 5. Or, if you count substuting #4, a nice Trident-esque score of 4 out of 5! Not too bad, considering.


Okay, here's the aforementioned "something very heartbreaking and outrageous that made me see red": Something Keller's is now doing is allowing vendors to sell animals. Dogs and cats. There were the sweetest-looking white bulldog puppies ... I mean, so sweet-looking that my dog-loving heart was swooning. People were filing past there, it was noisy, kinda smelly ... basically an environment several notches below your average shopping-mall pet store. And those break my heart as it is.

I was so tempted to stop and give some lovin' to those dogs. Fortunately, I thought the better and - paraphrasing Bacharach/David - "walked on by."

Who would buy a dog at a f(BLEEP)king flea market??!!??!! That's not a decision made on the spur of the moment, like buying a 35 year old school yearbook or a decrepit Alan Parsons LP. And what kind of background do those poor animals have? Most, I highly imagine, come from puppy mills. Breeders who have no professional ethics, no love for animals except as a means to an end.

Y'know, there is a need for an organization like PETA. Operative word: "like." Those idiots need to stop with the harrassment of good people who happen to enjoy a supper out at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and begin devoting time and energy toward picketing and organizing boycotts of known puppy mills and pet store sellers, and instead use their bully pulpit to encourage responsible breeding. Or they should get out of the way and let another group do so.

Adopting a dog or a cat should be done from a responsible (!!!) breeder, who loves and cares for the animals they deal with, or 2) through a humane society animal shelter - including those who occasionally set up shop for a day at PetSmart. Your new best friend should never be procured at a pet store ... and, for God's sake, NEVER at a flea market!!

Those poor dogs. I pray for them. I hope they'll eventually somehow wind up as lucky as our Puddy.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "How Much is That Doggy In The Flea Market Stall?" Gleck

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