24 January 2006

Back up for air! or: "MP3 for Me"

According to the date of my last entry, it's been more than two weeks since I've last proffered bytes toward the space. I tell you, I'm turning into Seraphim, heh heh heh. ;-)

Just kidding. I think.

Ahem, anyway. So. After pulling weeds that've grown in the seams of the concrete, I'm back.

Where the hell have you been Talmadge?? I've been utterly lost and adrift without your words of profound ambiguity and dubious wisdom. Some friend YOU'VE been, Gleck. Phooey on youey. May you die and rot in a room filled with nothing but 45s from 1979! And may that room be in Troy, Alabama.

The last two (2) weekends and most of the interspersing weekday nights have been spent in warp-5 gear accomplishing a task I started late last Summer: The Great Talmadge Gleck MP3 Conversion Project.

I'd been plugging along at a lethargic pace until Christmas, when I finally acquired my MP3 player! And suddenly my goal became more urgent: to get this done by the end of February, when the T&S Tragical Blistery Tour heads west to Arkansas for a week. The idea of ~5,000+ songs in complete random order, all of them to our liking, just blows the mind.

Converting favorite tracks from some 1,100 LPs, 1,200 CDs and about 1,400 45-RPM singles into easily-digestible MP3 format is not a job for the faint-of-heart. Or faint-of-Floyd (yeah, there's more than a few PF tunes in the mix). At the end of the year, I was up to G -- and that was mostly just the CDs.

After a long and hard January spent damn near isolated in the fabled Music Room®, here is currently how TGTGMP3CP stands:

A,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z = completely done!!
B = CDs and LPs done -- only need to do the rest of the 45s (30) and finish ID tags.
C = completely done, just lack the ID tags.
R,S,VARIOUS ARTISTS = Yet to begin!

As huge as S is gonna be, the VAs will be a real bear - I have over 150 CDs alone, many of those songs I haven't already ripped from the regular albums.

B is gonna get done tonight, and maybe I can finish tagging the Cs. I might can get all of R done before my trip to Alabama this weekend. That gives me four (4) weeks to finish S and Various. I've got exactly ONE MONTH FROM TODAY to get this done!

And, complicating the mix (not that I'm complaining), is a nice little box I'm getting from a friend of mine over in Ala. this weekend. After 14 years of active collecting of vintage airchecks (recordings from radio stations), I have finally stumbled upon The Holy Grail. This box I'm getting contains nine (9) reels, each containing three (3) hours' worth of radio airchecks. Birmingham radio airchecks. Late '60s to the mid '70s.


Y'see, my friend is a record collector who so happened to make a deal with a guy who'd bought a jukebox and wanted it loaded with some blues songs. So happens this one guy served in Vietnam in the late '60s, and his mother recorded airchecks of WSGN, WAQY, WJLN-FM [pause to hyperventilate!!!!!], etc. to send his way as a 'taste of home.'


My friend got hold of the reels, and they'll be coming back to Georgia with Talmadge to make copies (I'm the only one in that group with a CD recorder). So that'll take some time. Oh, and there are about 20-25 in that batch ... this is just the first part.


Included in this booty is all three hours of the WSGN weekly Top 30 countdown from August 1, 1969 ... commercials, newscasts and all. And three golden hours of WJLN-FM, Birmingham's "underground" FM back in the day.

Did I say "Swoon"?

This is gonna be a long week. Seraphim's gonna need to come with me in order to change out the towels on the floorboard, dripping wet with my drool.

So ... suffice it to say, you may not be hearing TOOOOO much from Talmadge. But, like indigestion after a Mexican dinner, I'll be back.

Ciao for niao!

--Talmadge "Hopeless. Just hopeless." Gleck

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