21 February 2006

Another long-distance dedication......

......going out to Bolivar "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I'm Free at last!" Shagnasty.

It's a late '60s hit single by a beautician from Alabama turned country singer, God rest her soul.
Yessir, Tammy Wynette.

C'mon, sing it. You know the words.

Well, fine, be that way.

Don't I know what it's like to hold the signed and sealed document, upon which parchment is printed words that legally dissolve your marriage. It's a powerful thing to look at. Mixed emotions, to be sure, but above all it represents freedom. Closure. The end of a chapter in your life. And even better, the beginning of another one. The new road has begun for you, Bol; a new era, but with some of the same characters (emphasis on "characters").

Get ready, because in just eight (8) more days, your happy home is about to be invaded by The Seraphim & Talmadge Maggotal Blistery Tour.

Congratulations, my good friend. Paraphrasing Gerald "I didn't see that extra step" Ford: "Your long national nightmare is over."

Cheers ... and ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Wonder how your ex-wife and serial husband #4 are enjoying their luxurious honeymoon at The Green Elf Motor Court?" Gleck

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