21 February 2006

At long last......

......my Illudium PEW-36 MP3 Space Modulator is ready to do battle.

Saturday night, The Great Talmadge Gleck MP3 Conversion Project wrapped up ..... it's DONE! DONE! DONE! 4,807 songs .... and coming in at just a hair below 18 GB. A bit less than I'd imagined. Looking back, I might've gotten a bit 'conservative' about what tracks I chose; I hadn't yet gotten into the "various artists" CDs and LPs, and I didn't want to go over the player's roughly 27-28 GB of available space.

Eh, I suppose 4,807 songs will do for now.

Then Sunday and Monday were spent fighting with the player to get it to accept all of the booty. I'm not sure I'm happy with this player, if truth be known. If it weren't this close to our trip to Arkansas, I'd go ahead and return it to Best Buy and change it out for another model (iPod, maybe?). The player delivers great sound and does very well in shuffle mode .... we shall see how it does for the big trip.

Speaking of trip, it's only THREE DAYS AWAY!

More to come ... I've got some more entries to hack forth.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Ready for some Throwed Rolls" Gleck

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