26 March 2006

Sunday Morning, 4:36

[With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel.]

I fell asleep on our big, comfy couch. I knew it was a mistake to finish reading the Saturday paper's comic section while in a horizontal position on said couch. It's "big" and "comfy" when my body gets all nice and relaxed and .... zzzzzzzzzzz

But geez do I regret it after I wake up. I don't even think my body logs sleep incurred on the couch, either.

So I go into the Music Room®, and check e-mail. And do a quick check of blogs. I see where Bolivar Shagnasty has made up for lost time with one big post. I've got some things to say there, and will say them after I generate some deli-sliced Zs in my own friggin' bed, next to Seraphim.

Meanwhile, a quick "Bob Dylan's Self Portrait" of thoughts will have to do for now:

1) *BOOOOONG!!!!!* NETTIEMAC, PICK UP ON THE GREEN LINE PLEASE!! I've sent two e-mails your way, and both bounced -- neither for "over the mailbox limit", either. Are you still there? Is everything okay? Your SPQ tiara still straight and all?

2) RWP Passwhore (Bolivar's ex) should count her lucky stars and red hair that Seraphim and myself didn't darken the doors of Fazoli's. It would not have been pretty. I think, all considered, we wanted a fun time to be had. And besides, she hadn't yet come over to the house to retrieve the rest of her stuff -- the dimunitive little twat could've made things difficult for Bol, so we thought the wiser.

3) Judging from the Fazoli's stores closing down in Georgia (saw the one in Valdosta the other weekend, and was looking rather deserted for being along I-75, one of the busiest interstates), I'd say those are dark supercell storm clouds gathering in the distance for RWP's employer.

4) Bolivar told me something RWP had said not long after meeting me, that she'd called me a "nerd." Coming from the likes of her, it's a high compliment. I wear it as the badge of honor it is.

5) And speaking of "high compliments": Yes, "colorful." I can't define it, but I know it when I see it. JLo's family strike me as good-quality folk. Who knows where this road will take you; both you and JLo just sit back and enjoy the ride.

6) There is no sixth item.

7) Three words: Rincon Restaurant Curse. I thought we'd found homecooking "meat-and-three" nirvana right around the corner from our neighborhood. *BZZZZT!* Wrong answer, thank you for playing. Get your "Rice-A-Roni" and home game on your way out.

8) Three numbers: 3 0 1. More important than Route 66. Seraphim and I made a leisurely Saturday drive up into South Carolina on US 301, which for decades was the Mother Road for snowbirds on their way to Florida. The completion of I-95 in the mid to late '70s made 301 lose its mojo. There are so many old motels and eateries along 301 -- some still in business, others long-since closed. An old Howard Johnson's -- still with rooftop spire intact. More than one former Holiday Inn, one still containing skeletal remains of its "Great Sign" A wistful journey along a road where time has near-literally stood still.

9) Tiger was over here for Spring Break, and -- in a contrast to times past -- was behaving very well. Very little attitude on the kid this go-'round. For the first time in well over a year, I felt very sad after I got him back to his mother. It's a sadness I missed feeling, ya know?

10) So much for "quick" ... it's already after 5 in the morning.

11) Good night.

12) Oops, I mean, Ciao for niao!

13) --Talmadge "Should I stay up another minute and go for 14?" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

I'm alive. Start sending. Things are good again!