13 June 2006

Alberto by the numbers

Maximum wind gust in Savannah this evening: 41 MPH.
Winds currently (as of right now, 1120 PM): ~20 MPH, gusts to 30.
Amount of rain today in our backyard gauge:
4.9 inches.
Number of times Talmadge was almost blown off the road: at least half a dozen.
Number of tornado warnings issued today: 9.
Number of close calls: 2.

Yes, two (2). One of the tornado warnings was for Chatham (Savannah), and one actually touched down on Whitemarsh Island .... an area just a mile or two from work as the crow flies.

Also, there were reports of a tornado late this afternoon in Rincon, but it turned out to be toward Guyton, just 10 miles or so from here. There were a few hair-raising squalls within this system, to be sure.

Well, according to weather guru Pat Prokop, "the worst of this is over." Good ... this one was a bit mean. Here's hoping it isn't a harbinger for what's to come.

Ciao for niao.

--Tropical Talmadge

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