20 June 2006

I am so incredibly blessed and lucky...

I just had one of those moments where my contentment jumps off the chart. I have a name for such moments: "giddy spikes" ... those brief feelings when something reminds you how on top of the world you really are, despite all the PITAs around ones' self (e.g., wiped out hard drive at work ... speaking of which, I think I've written another automation template that'll work ... wish me luck, as tomorrow we'll find out)

I sit here with our dog Puddy sprawled out on the floor beside me. I hear Seraphim in the kitchen, busy with yet another cake. I heard her comment out loud about a commercial on the TV, and for some reason the sweetness and warmth in her voice caressed my ear more than usual. Seraphim's been my wife for going on 5-1/2 years now, and for reasons too far beyond any rational explanation, neither of us have turned tail and run, screaming for what's left of our sanity. She came in here earlier and bellowed out "You suck!"..... and my loving response? "You suck, too." A kiss, and a moment of sweetness. To explain our brand of affection and interaction -- which never involves any belittling comments, only those in jest -- would only leave folks more confused than they were before.

Are there soulmates? Ten years ago, and in a marriage which never should've happened were it not for our son, I would've scoffed at the idea. Today -- with Seraphim at my side not just as my wife, but as my best friend -- I'm a believer.

Not everyone is fortunate to have their soulmate, or maybe they're still searching. If you share your life, home and heart with such a person, count your every blessings. If not, I pray for you that the fates and life throw you those curves that lead you toward a more "psychologically prosperous" existence.

And the love of my life just called out to me, "Come eat some food!" So I'd better close this.

I love you, Seraphim. Since May 3, 1998 - if not before. How did I get so damned lucky?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Mush Moron" Gleck

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Seraphim9 said...

And after a meal of chicken and rice, Talmadge announces to me, "Well, as usual, that tasted like garbage." Which, translated from fluent Gleckinese into the Queen's English, means, "That was a wonderful meal, my dear, as always. Thank you for preparing such a delectable dish for me." You should have seen the look on Tiger's face the first time Talmadge said that to me - absolute horror - until we explained the true meaning. Now I get it from HIM, too!

We are a truly twisted pair, aren't we? LOL!

I love you, too, TG!