12 June 2006

Tropical madness begins!!!

Yee haw! We're not even halfway through friggin' JUNE and already we have a near hurricane on our hands. ALBERTO is flirting with the 74 MPH threshold, and I guess we'll find out at the 11PM update whether we get our first bona-fide 'cane before Father's Day.

The present track has it whittling its way back to a depression by the time the eye tracks right over our house. These kind of systems I don't mind us getting ... what we'll get from this is nothing more than two bushels of rain and a good breeze to go along with it. The rain we need badly in our happy neck of the woods, as our front yards are beginning to turn brown.

Sunday was a day to stay indoors, 'cuz the mercury topped out at 100. That doesn't happen too often along the coast, as the Atlantic tends to put a lid on those three-digit readings.

Still, I can't help but bite my nails. Savannah has dodged bullets for years, especially the last couple. While big storms have slammed into most every part of Florida and the Gulf coast from Florida to Texas ... and the Atlantic from South Carolina to the Outer Banks, Georgia has been largely spared.

In other words, I feel like a contestant on the old game show Press Your Luck ... even though we have a decent geographical advantage (Savannah and the Ga. coast are difficult to hit directly), one of these days -- and it might be this year (!!) -- we're gonna hit the Whammy.

Keep your fingers crossed not just for us, but for all of us! Please pray, one and all, for a miracle that proves all the "hurricane speculators" wrong.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Wonder if a Flokati Rug would protect us?" Gleck

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