15 August 2006

One year ago today......

.....a longtime off-and-on "alter ego" name, Talmadge Gleck, was adopted for my venture into the blogosphere.

For those just joining the network, this "name" dates back to around October 1981. I was in 11th grade, and the name just came out while fiddle-fartin' around before class one day. The class, curiously enough, was Journalism. I was looking for a wacky name to use as a byline for a parody story I'd written. The name just came out. Talmadge Gleck. And for 24 (!) years, the name would tag along like a pesky younger sibling. It would occasionally emerge when I'd need a fake name for whatever. I dare say I used it a handful of times when I wrote a music & radio related column in a short-lived newspaper (1995-2000) in southeast Alabama.

Now, fast-forward to 2005. The idea of starting a blog appealed to me; to be honest, I miss doing that stupid little column back in Troy. But I also work in a moderately-visible profession. I wanted to vent what would sometimes be very outrageous, often politically-incorrect musings. The solution? A pseudonym.

And what better name than TALMADGE GLECK for such a venture.

Today's a red-byte day, as exactly one year ago -- 15 August 2005 -- Five Flavors of Reflections debuted with this dubious entry.

I predicted -- on this stage, rrrrrrighthere on this shew -- that my musings would constitute "a haphazard, erratic and off-kilter contribution to the blogosphere"

Wouldn't you agree that I've succeeded far beyond my wildest delusions expectations?

I know for certain that I have a small, but allegedly loyal, bastion of readers. Frankly, you all deserve a medal. Maybe even a gold medal. So hit the grocery store on your way home tonight, go to the baking aisle, pick up a package of Gold Medal ... then go make some cookies.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Rock, Paper and Scissors Anniversary" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

And I have enjoyed the ride! Rock on, my brother!