20 October 2006

Allowance ... what is that?

Got a phone call last night from my son Tiger. Another way his new location and school has made an incredible difference is in his grades. The kid went from Ds and Fs back in Montgomery to:
MARCHING BAND = 100 (big surprise there....)
WORLD HISTORY = 106 (extra credit is good, yes?)
ALGEBRA = 91 (damn......)
ENGLISH = 76 (wwwwwWHAT??!!)

Three solid As and a C. (The school splits its schedule to where the students get a full year's worth of class in a semester, with double periods - he'll have an entirely different class load come January)

He said the English grade was due to his 'concentrating so much on the other classes' ..... in any case, I find it hard to find fault with that single C. I'm still in something of a shock over that report card, if you wanna know the truth. The last time my kid had that many As, I think we were still back in Troy.

Now before I go any further, please pardon me while I look something up in the dictionary......

al-low-ance (uh-LOW-uns) n. 1. The act of allowing. 2. Something that is allowed. 3. Something given, as money, at regular intervals or for a specific purpose. .... (American Heritage Dictionary, 2nd College Ed.)

Oh, okay. I'd completely forgotten. Allowance -- that's a weekly stipend a parent gives a kid for whatever entertainment and edification as he sees fit (within reason).

Now, I did tell the kid that I'd restore his allowance (something he hasn't had since the end of 2004!) upon a report card with all As and Bs. Well, there's the small matter of that C. However, given his exemplary progress in the other classes -- those As, holy crap! -- I chose to bend my own condition and give it to him based on his GPA: 3.67. That's a high B. And I told him he'd BETTER pull up that C for the second nine weeks. If not, I threatened him with a non-stop orgy of Coldplay songs for an entire weekend. The kid detests Coldplay.

Frankly, I'm still in numb surprise. I knew Tiger would do better in this improved setting, but this much better??? Wow.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Never so glad to open his wallet as he is now" Gleck

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