24 November 2006

Darwin's theory in reverse

ALBANY, Ga. (TG) -- Greetings from "The Good Life City", the garden spot of southwest Georgia, and the Pine Bluff, Arkansas of the East. We're over here for Thanksgiving, and I've had the pleasure of breaking turkey with my wife's family (yes, even my druggie loser of a BIL; he was there gumming his gobble - since his teeth have long since rotted out ...... I kid you not, but I digress).

My son was also able to make it here, so it was a very pleasant time. I hate that he had to go back to Alabama this afternoon (his high school football's team is in playoffs, ergo the "Maroon Machine" marching band are needed to do their thing), but among the many things I'm thankful about, it's that my son was here, and that he is in MUCH better spirits than a year ago.

Something else, too. I have been introduced to the unsung musical genius, Jan Terri. My wife played for me the video to her soon-to-be-classic 1993 song "Losing You."

And my world has never been the same since. I have had this song going through my head for, what, TWO days now??!! Go have a look.

A little background, as I understand it: Jan Terri was a limo driver in the Chicago area, and supposedly drove some famous celebs around. She gave them copies of her videos, hoping for Her Big Break®. Evidently, years later, she got it. God bless YouTube. (And be careful what you wish for)

One poster suggested that Miz Jan is the love child of Roseanne Barr and Napoleon Dynamite. I can't argue.

Oh, and there are several other of Jan Terri's videos on YouTube. One - "Baby Blues" - features a man, presumably the subject of the song, who has .... brown eyes.

Lessee, we have The Shaggs ... then Jack Murdurian ... William Hung ... and now Jan Terri.

Wasn't Darwin's Theory of Evolution supposd to go in the other direction???

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Blast you, Seraphim, this song is STILL in my head!!!!!!!" Gleck

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