20 November 2006

Rant-In-A-Hurry® (pat. pend.)

Among several pastimes, I collect and trade copies of vintage TV broadcasts. This collection is built up through trades with other fellow collectors.

I'll get e-mails from others asking to do a trade. Some have things I don't really want, or have a lukewarm interest in getting. Others cause me to short out a keyboard from drooling.

Why the @#$% do the people who have the drool-worthy videos surface to tell me they have 'em, and then disappear! No response from subsequent e-mails sent by me.

But the ones with the stuff I don't really want too much, such as yet another @#$damned episode of The Price is Right from the '80s .... hoo boy, they pester me left and right and won't leave me the bloody crap alone!!!

It makes me question just why the hell I even bother.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "This has been a Screen Blogs Production" Gleck

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