03 November 2006

They're just heartfelt prayers ... toss 'em.

News item:


I don't know whether to feel profoundly sad ... or really, really angry.

The background is a bit fuzzy, but a minister appears to have not read a lot of his flock's mail.

And that really bothers me, for it all goes back to my longtime belief that a MINISTER is a higher form of humanity, ergo they have a higher standard to which they must live. It reminds me of one of those televangelists in the '80s whose staff opened envelopes to extract the donation and round-filed the enclosed prayer requests, unread. (Pass the Ammo, anyone?)

Ohhhhh, but I'm sure this preacher was full of gossip, rumor, innuendo and judgement for those who might've missed a few Sundays. Or, worse, might've been too busy indulging his NAMBLA fantasies to worry about such tedium as opening the mailbag.

Oh, and what's this insurance guy - the one who found these letters in the ocean - gonna do with 'em? Put 'em up for bids on e-Bay, that's what. Shaaaaaaaaayet, I hope he barely gets enough for 'em to pay for shipping. Heck, I'd risk a negative feedback point to bid, then stiff him were I to win. Buddy, isn't "greed" one of the Seven Deadly Sins???

The only comfort I take from all this is God stood behind the shoulder of every one as they were writing those letters, so the request was read by the REAL intended recepient.

Although I suspect He blew off the guy asking to win the lottery.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Hmph!" Gleck

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