22 December 2006

I wish you a Merry Happy and a Happy Merry!

There's a commercial for one of those drug store chains (CVWalgrAid?) for a perfume of some sort which features a very sickening image of Celine Dion greeting an unsuspecting family with a pose underneath a tree, a pose which calls to mind Brooke Shields circa 1982 ("Nothing comes between me and my Calvins").

"Unfortunately, Celine Dion can't be under every Christmas tree," the commercial goes.

Seraphim summed up my opinion beautifully with her one word reply: "UNFORTUNATELY?"

Merry Christmas, and have a Def Kwanzaa. We're headed west tomorrow toward Albany and Troy. But not Schenectady. That is, unless there's some town inbetween both places I've overlooked.

We didn't do cards this year for reasons completely related to it getting away from us and just not making the trip to get any bloody cards. So to all my friends, I wish nothing but peace in your worlds, joy in your hearts and save a bit of space for the snark and sarcasm -- you never know when you'll need it.

I love, revere, admire and look up to you all. Thanks for putting up with Talmadge Gleck for yet another year without running in the opposite direction.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Did you ever notice that CELINE and SUCKS begin with the same phonetic sound?" Gleck

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