19 January 2007

Paean to palmettos and peanuts

Ahhhhh, South Carolina. Palmetto State. Home of smiling faces and beautiful places, smiling Confederates serving beautiful mustard BBQ, smiling gas station signs with beautiful prices, interstates more bumpy and jarring than I-30 in Arkansas, and home to .... ummm, errrr, ahhhhhh, somebody.

Its flag is my favorite of the 50 states. Unlike Alabama (a design so complex that even a fetus could draw it -- heck, drop the red "X" and you'd have a dandy surrender flag!) or Georgia (let's see, what flag will we have this week? Denny's placemat ... or battle flag ... or convoluted Confederate compromise? Personally I think a "Pabst Blue Ribbon" logo would be perfect as Georgia's state flag, but anyway...), South Carolina's flag is almost exotic, a very dignified portrayal of its state tree -- the Palmetto -- in a nighttime setting (hence, the accompanying crescent).

I love it, what can I say?

Matter of fact, there's only one thing I'd change about our lovely land across the Savannah River:

Their incredibly, terribly and excruciatingly DULL and BORING state highway route markers. Basic, bland black on white. Just like a speed limit sign. Imagine some de-d'DEE motorist confusing the two.

"Where's the fire, boy?"
"Ummm, in your eyes, officer."
"Do you know I clocked you going 186 MPH?"
"I thought that's what the sign said."
"No, dummy, you're on HIGHWAY 186. The speed limit is 55."
"But I thought I was on highway 55. Silly me. Phew, I'm glad you didn't catch me an hour ago, when we were on S.C. 228. No wonder my wife's over here white as a sheet and gripping the O.S. handle!"

But what got me on this S.C. tangent was an interesting fact I learned recently: last year, South Carolina's governor signed a resolution making one of my favoritest foods in the world -- boiled peanuts -- the state's official snack food.

I like how those people think. Seraphim, let's call the realtor, put the house on the market and pack our bags -- I wanna move to South Carolina. :-)

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I Brake for Boiled Peanuts" Gleck


nettiemac said...

Did you know that SC 186 is in good ol' Pickens County?

Craving some mustard BBQ,

Talmadge G. said...

Yup. At least according to the road map I have. :-)

And SC 46 is so close I could almost throw a rock and crack the windshield of a car driving it.

And I want some Maurice's 30 minutes ago.


nettiemac said...

Baby Bro was jonesing for some Maurice's himself. So am I.