06 January 2007

Another year is at hand

How do I love thee, Seraphim?

Where do I even begin?

Your face brings me goofy grins every morning I wake up and see it.

Your eyes blow a breeze of peace to my soul's desolation.

Your voice eclipses the most beautiful melody ever played.

Your smile brings white-cap waves within my inner being.

Your friendship made me believe in the concept of trust again.

Your acceptance of me, years later, still amazes me.

And most of all:

Your love, almost nine years ago, literally gave my heart a reason to live.

And for six years today, I have had the supreme honor of wearing a band on my finger that you put on it.

I love you, Seraphim. Happy anniversary to a truly mythical being.



1 comment:

nettiemac said...

Mazel tov! May you share an eternity of years together!