16 April 2007

Finger Lickin' Faux Pas

In my last post, I referred to the Colonel Sanders Tijuana Picnic as being a repackaged, uncredited Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass compilation.

It struck me as a little strange, even though it was on Mark 56 Records. I thought, "Why is Alpert licensing their music - uncredited - to those guys?" Mark 56 was one of those on-the-cheap "regurgitate" labels which made K-TEL and RONCO look like boutique audiophile outfits. You remember those, don't you? Pickwick ... now there's a name to send any record collector into cringing spasms.

The music, at first listen, sounds like Herb & the TJB. But after closer review this morning, I realized it ISN'T. We're talking session players here. Uncredited musicians emulating that great Alpert sound. They do a great job, I'll hand it to 'em; still, I know what this music sounds like, and it ain't the real deal. (But ... they just might BE members of the Tijuana Brass, making a few dollars and buckets on the side. Was Alpert not paying 'em enough??)

Good thing this record came out in 1966, instead of a couple years later. I shudder just thinking about session hacks tackling "This Guy's In Love With You." Col. Sanders on vocals. Yeah. You'll need two of those moist towelettes they used to include with the box meals just to jam into your ears. Oh well.

Stick a plastic spork in me, I'm done.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "North America's Hospitality Blogger" Gleck

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