10 May 2007

Here's to Bolivar, good 'cue and great memories!

Good gawd, look at what I found on YouTube:

Talk about a twisted flashback to days of grape juice* and roses. (* = Jonesboro, a city of 50,000 fine folk, has the honor of being the largest 'dry' city in the U.S.)

But what about that guy on the left -- his face says "Okay, I don't want to be here, but I'll eat this stuff just so you two will leave me the --- HEY! This is good BBQ!!"

Terry Wood at the time was the station's main weather person. I was already gone from there by 1990 (when this spot aired), but this pretty much summed up the overall production values of the city's local TV station, KAIT channel 8 (ABC). And yes, he was as dorky doing the weather as he looks at the beginning of this commercial.

Many in that part of Arkansas and the Missouri bootheel loved him, while at the same time most of us RTV majors regularly made fun of KAIT. Commercials like this are why.

Bolivar, remember channel 8's gawdhorrible spots for Hay's Super Warehouse Foods? The one where Terry dressed up in leotards and, to the theme of Superman, became Super Warehouse Foods Man!

He was making an appearance at the restaurant ..... and I'll bet a dollar to a dozen Front Page Cafe rolls that it was SRO at Couch's that day.

Okay, okay ... "What about the barbecue??!!", I can hear you asking. Couch's is an institution in Jone'burr. Bolivar and I both have a solemn appreciation for its 'cue. It speaks for itself ... truly the best in northeast Arkansas. If not the entire state.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Good Neighbors You Can Chow Down With" Gleck

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