20 May 2007

More classics from the past...

Another little gem from this old CD:


13) La Travolta
12) The Pirates of My Pants
11) The Oozing Dutchman
10) Gallagher's Watermelon Lake
9) Il Deliveranze
[starring Ned Beatty as baritone in Act I, soprano in Act II]
8) The Barbara of Mandrell
7) Carmen II: Revenge of the Bull
6) Deflated Mouse: Tragedy at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
5) Cats II: The Spaying
4) Don Giuliani
3) Gotterdammerongnumber
2) How Othello Got His Groove Back

and the Number 1 Worst Opera...

1) Porky & B-b-b-b-bess


nettiemac said...

B-b-b-b-b-bwah!!!!!!!!!! That's funny, especially "Il Deliveranze" (slew me).

Kate/Susan said...

Only someone with a truly twisted mind could invent La Travolta.

Thanks for the laugh!