15 May 2007

One more time with feeling:


News release today from the University Communications Office at A-State, a/k/a Talmadge Gleck's alma mater.

It's looking as if the Indians' days may well be numbered. Arkansas State will soon be faced with a new team name, one that's "less offensive." (I blogged about this a couple years back)

How about the Arkansas State Amoebas? That way, nobodys' skin will be bruised and everyone will be happy. (Except, maybe, for a fingernail full of jealous paramecium)

Tonight on SportsCenter, a look at the come-from-behind win of the decade! The Arkansas State Mighty Amoebas, with seconds to go, defeated The Fighting Dustmites of Florida State this afternoon before a lackluster crowd of two dozen.

This means that Indian Mall will have to be changed to a new name. And half the streets on ASU's campus will need to be renamed, as well. What's Jonesboro gonna do? Next thing you know, you'll be able to buy some beer at the grocery store.

Somehow I don't think the Native Americans are the ones whose Fruit of the Looms are in a knot.

In many ways I am a progressive. But I also loathe political correctness, whether it originates from the left or the right.

Hmmm, and while I'm thinking about it, didn't I pass by a school of gamecocks this afternoon, all protesting USC because they're being "demeaned"?

Screw the NCAA and the high horse it rode in on.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Indian Joe, You're Still Not Forgotten" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

My school mascot growing up was the Indians. Suddenly our school decided we should have a hockey team and the bus was going to pass through a town on the edge of a reservation. The bus said "Clifton-Fine Central School" and no mention of the Indians, but just in case, they decided to change the mascot to the Eagles.

The tribe did very nicely come to the school for a renaming ceremony and presented the principal with an eagle feather.

But I'll be an Indian forever, PC or not.

nettiemac said...

Damn straight!!!

And don't worry -- PETA has taken up the cause of the poor gamecock on several occasions. Seems we're exploiting a cruel and vicious sport.

Oh yeah. Most of the USC grads can be found on any given Saturday not at the beloved Williams-Brice, but deep in the woods at a cockfight......

And a hearty and heartfelt "FU!" to political correctness gone amuck.