23 May 2007

Should a license be required to have a dog?

Right now, I'm just about convinced of it.

On the way home this afternoon, we stopped at our Kroger for Seraphim to pick up some cake supplies, and such. I didn't feel like going in, so I stayed out in the car. The weather outside was beautiful -- nice and breezy, upper 70s -- so I kicked the seat back and copped a parking lot power nap.

Okay, I didn't nap so much as I nodded off here and there. I noticed a small SUV pull up beside me, which had two young women in it, the passenger holding a small chihuahua. I smiled at the dog as (she - we'll just assume) looked toward me. I nodded for another minute or two and then looked back toward the SUV. Nobody was in there, and all the windows were rolled up. Then I saw the little dog poke her head above the window level.

As I said, the weather was beautiful. Certainly not the depth of Summer. However, as I could attest, it was hot inside our car. It was breezy and comfy outside, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the 630 PM sun was beating down on the wilds of Rincon.

I was getting hot, so I can only imagine how that dog was feeling next door. But at least I, as a human-esque lifeform, could crank the engine and start the A/C if I felt too stifled inside. Or rolled down the window. Can a dog do that?

I don't know how long they were in there, and I can only hope their grocery list was a short one. Seraphim got back outside very soon afterward and we left. I almost called Kroger to see if those two flighty twats could be paged on the PA: "To the two women in the Ford SUV, your dog is DYING."

Seraphim and I both said prayers for that sweet little chihuahua, hoping she didn't suffer too long, that her (undeserving) owners came back quickly.

Sorry, but that's Pet Rule Number One: no matter how long we're going inside, we always crack the windows so Puddy can get some fresh circulated air. It might be "just for a minute", but sometimes events inside beyond our control (e.g., bottleneck at the express lane) can keep us detained for longer than planned. We always find a shady spot. And better yet, if possible -- especially during the Summer -- we plan our errands to where we don't have to take her in the car at all.

Alas, not everybody subscribes to Pet Rule Number One. Dogs give us unconditional love. But sometimes I feel we, as a species, are not deserving of it.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Yo Quiero Greenhouse Effect" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

I have had my fill with idiotic pet owners lately myself. The most irresponsible was a neighbor lady who let her husky-girl out with no leash and no tags to "run around for some exercise."

Lady, your backyard is bigger than ours. Call your FENCING people to fix the fence so you don't have to put her on a tie out in order to leave the gate open. Better still, call them to make her a special area just for herself.

AND at the risk of sounding Barker-esque, for God's sake, go have her spayed. She just had puppies recently, and did NOT need to be chasing after my neutered dog for some male attention (even if he couldn't do a thing about it).

And in some cases, YES, licenses should be mandated. I'd gladly pay one for having Maddox. In three short weeks, he's brought such joy to me (and the whole family). It would be worth every cent to prove I'm a good pet-mama.