25 May 2007

Wanna trade your MP3 player for one of these?

Seraphim, don't you think this would make a lively entertainment companion as you decorate cakes?

Found this on a site called shorpy.com. It also may be found on checkthecoolwax.com, as well.

Be careful, "Mrs. Audiophile"; you don't want to bump any of those vacuum tubes too hard, especially in that kitchen.

I love this picture. And names like Webcor and "Duette" just make my heart go a-flutter.....

"A novel idea for the audiophile who likes his music wherever he is. A household teacart can be used as a mobile carrier for any combination of audio gear." December 1954. View full size. Ektachrome by Ken Schmid Studio.

Components: Regency HF-150 high fidelity amplifier, Webcor "Diskchanger," Jensen "Duette" reproducer.

More from the original press release from Regency Inc.: "Most homemakers are used to wheeling their cleaning equipment with them from room to room -- why not do the same for the entertainment unit that helps to lighten her tasks as much as her vacuum cleaner or her floor waxer? Pictured are the essential ingredients for a simple portable hi-fi system that can be moved from room to room with ease. The idea is of interest to the audio dealer as an unusual and salable merchandising gimmick and to the audiophile as a convenient method of mounting standard components to provide portability to his hi-fi system. Before our eagle-eyed reader-technicians swamp us with letters pointing out the missing interconnections, may we say that Mrs. Audiophile has just been surprised with this exciting Christmas present from Hubby and he refuses to hook it up until he gets outside of his turkey dinner."


Seraphim9 said...

I'll take the tea cart.....you can have the audio equipment. I'm tripping over enough sh--t in the kitchen (Puddy included) as it is! But the tea cart would look great on the back patio with some of my plants on it! :)

Seraphim9 said...

Oh....hey.....I'll take that double oven to the left, too.