26 May 2007

You mean they actually use COW meat?

A lot of the recent Jack-in-the-Box commercials are on YouTube .... go there, plug in the name, and have at it.

One of the newer spots, in particular, has generated a bit of controversy. It's the one for JITB's new "sirloin burger", and the jokes they make about "angus" are priceless.

So 'priceless', in fact, that Hardee's and Carl's Junior (same company - same stupid "star" logo) have SUED Jack-in-the-Box, because ... get this ... those commercials imply their "Thickburgers" are made from a cow's anus.

Anybody with more than a few brain cells (read: anyone who wasn't born from inbreeding parents) knows that Angus is a breed of cow, not a cut of meat! What's more, Hardee's and Carl's Junior are not named. Burger King and Krystal, among others, also serve angus beef.

Talk about frivolous lawsuits........

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Angus-retentive" Gleck

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