15 July 2007

Happenings Fifteen Years' Time Ago

Over the weekend I had to make an Alabama run, as this Tuesday will be my wife's surgery. I had a great time with Tiger (and turned him on to Little Miss Sunshine, which he was the last out of his clique to watch), but were it not for my last chance to spend time with the kid for at least another month (and it's been four weeks since I last saw him), Troy is the last place I would want to be on July the 14th. Not just any year, but especially 2007.

Yesterday marked 15 years since my grandmother passed away. Now I've long since gotten to the point where I think about it every now and again on the date, but otherwise my life progresses as usual. That's good, as it took a few years just to get to that plateau alone!

But I was spending this day in Pike County. Tiger and I went to Wally World to get him a couple of things, followed by a quick lunch stop at Burger King (yummmmm...yum?) and then getting a couple of movies to watch from Movie Gallery. Driving up and down the 231 bypass -- with new lights which after nightfall make this snowbird arterial as bright as any stadium.

The Supercenter, which opened in 1999, is part of a stretch of 231 which is now every bit as congested and cluttered as between George Wallace Drive and Brundidge Street, an area I lovingly call Heartburn's Half Mile (for all the fast-food joints). I've been away from there nearly seven years, and that area looks very strange to me. It didn't even look like Troy, truth be told. 10 years ago, it was cow pastures on both sides!

What's amazing is, throughout Saturday it didn't occur to me even once just what day it was. Even while driving down the bypass. On recent past 14 Julys, I would pause a few times and reflect. Reflect on how far my life has come, particularly in this decade. This time, however, I was in Troy - ground zero - on a milestone anniversary, and I didn't think about it once.

I take that as a good sign.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I still miss her, though" Gleck

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