24 July 2007

It's been / one week since .....

......my wife's hysterectomy. I've been in 'cave' mode for the duration, as everyone who's read the comments for the last post - thanks to Kate/Susan, who acknowledged the e-mail I sent out to everyone - knows the surgery went off without any problems. Other than both MIL and myself pacing the carpet of the Candler Hospital waiting room clear off when she took a little longer in recovery than the doctors said .... it was all good.

Luvuhmylife was nice and drugged when we went in and saw her (about 3:30 p.m.). MIL and I got back home about 7:00, and later that evening (after MIL had gone to bed) I got a phone call -- it was Seraphim, who was feeling a bit lonely. This was about 11:20, and she sounded surprisingly upbeat for a woman whom, less than 12 hours earlier, had been under general sedation and having her female parts dismantled.

Best of all, it was done vaginally. Seraphim came home the next afternoon, and began recovering. She's been in "Princess" mode, her every need catered to. (Although I had to 'get on to her' when she tried to move the ottoman up close to the chair -- excuse me, dearest of heart, that's MY job. I'm not the one who got Bob Barker'ed!)

Today is The Princess' birthday, and we celebrated by going out to Shenaniganz Ruby Tuesday in Pooler for supper, and for 'dessert' we went two doors down to Chick-Fil-A for some yummy milkshakes. It's the first time since coming home from the hospital that she's gotten back out. Seraphim did very well, but - as expected - she's quite tired.

A few thoughts, before I join The Princess (that name has a nice ring to it, yes?), and Princess' Mama in the living room for a movie:

1) In honor of the surgery, I bought my wife a Golden Retriever.

2) At Shenani--er, Ruby Tuesday, I asked my wife something (I forget what), and her answer included three words one should never utter in such a restaurant: "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY." A waitress was standing behind our table, and she heard her. She looked in our direction, and smiled. I shook my head - not once, but two separate times. Do NOT bestow your collective Pepper-Tanner off-key crooning upon our meal!

Fortunately, I remembered a nugget of wisdom from someone back in Troy, who worked in the trenches at such a restaurant: servers HATE doing "the birthday thing." Still, I consider this a close call.

3) Let the record be known, however: it was SERAPHIM'S call where we ate tonight. It was 100% her call. Now, were it my birthday, I would've suggested Checker's. Even Carey Hilliard's, or - even better - a roadtrip to Columbia. I don't think Maurice's BBQ servers do birthday songs .... unless, of course, it were to the tune of "Dixie" and included several waitresses in full blackface "Mammy" getup.....

4) Like I said, I don't give a flip about the man's politics or which flag(s) he chooses to fly outside his establishment. The man knows what good barbecue is, and Carolina Gold is - positively - the best BBQ sauce on the planet, bar none.

5) And no, it was not a dog I got my wife; the "Golden Retriever" in question is the brand name of grabber device I bought her. She drops something, she can use the Golden Retriever to pick it up, saving her the pain of leaning over. That's a big no-no.

6) This milkshake sure is good. Almost as good as Steak & Shake, or the homemade shakes at Byrd Drug in Troy.

7) Milkshakes seem to be making a comeback. But whatever you do, avoid the Krystal "MilkQuakes" at all cost. That was a barely-drinkable concoction. But at least we got a reusable plastic cup as a souvenir.

8) Drew Carey has been named the new host of The Price is Right. Talk about a surprise curve ball! I think he could do very well in that gig -- as anyone who's watched both his sitcom and Who's Line can tell you, he has that amazing ability to allow himself to be the straight man, while still being the star attraction. That's an important trait ... I believe he will bring out the best and funniest out of every contestant who comes up from contestants' row.

9) How could I have not thought about Drew? In a sense of twisted irony, he bears a strong resemblance - especially in haircut and glasses - to the ORIGINAL host of Price: Bill Cullen! (except, of course, Cullen was far skinnier) One could time-travel from 1965 to the present, turn on the TV and say, "Damn, Bill Cullen sure has put on weight!"

10) What worries me is TPIR will still fail. Not because of Drew's hosting abilities (like I said, he'll shine in the role), but because of the moronic mouth-breathing trash who will refuse to accept anyone but Bob Barker on Studio 33's stage.

11) Okay, it's movie time. Now we need to decide just what in hades we'll watch.

12) Probably Waiting... -- MIL hasn't seen that one yet.

13) If you've seen Waiting..., and like it, you'll certainly love a movie we watched earlier this week: Employee of the Month. Good stuff.

14) Good, good stuff.

On that note, all is fine down here ... thanks for all the prayers and thoughts sent this way. My wife is doing very well. My love and dustcloths we're making to all.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Princess Grunt" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

I love these stream of consciousness posts...

Glad to hear Princess S is recovering. I was thinking a dog might be a bit much recovering from surgery, so glad to hear you did no such thing. hehe

Enjoy your wife and pamper her well! Sounds like you are anyway!


nettiemac said...

I am so glad Seraphim is getting better!!! I will call you this weekend and check up on things!