13 July 2007

The results are in.......

....from Tal's Totally Trippy Trance Test. The sleep doctor gave me the results of my sleep analysis study last week, and the SURVEY SAID:


Study start time = 9:43:32 p.m.
Study end time = 5:06:27 a.m.

Total study time = 7.21 hours.
Sleep period time = 6.93 hours.
Total sleep time = 6.57 hours.

Latency to sleep onset (read: time it took me to fall asleep): 17.2 minutes.

Number of arousals = 133.
Number of awakenings = 3.
Arousal index = 20.2 (shut up, Beavis)

Sleep O2 level: 93.4%
Lowest Os level: 66.5%

Apnea events: 167 (!!!!!!)
Longest duration: 92.7 seconds.
Average duration: 32.4 seconds.
Total time: 90.2 minutes.

That's 90.2 minutes out of 394.48 minutes while asleep that I was not breathing.

The diagnosis was "severe sleep apnea" and after my appointment Thursday I went to the respiratory place which deals with the CPAP machines. Now, like Seraphim, I have my own oxygen mo-sheen. I slept with it last night, and I think I did quite well with it for a first time. I'll be out of town over the weekend, but will begin wearing the mask in earnest Sunday night.

This explains why I feel so dad-burned tired 'n' lethargic so much of the time.......

I think I'll name my CPAP "Holly."

As in, "All I need is the air that I breathe......."

Ummmmm .... okay. Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Hosehead" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

WOW....... those are some scary stats! Hopefully, the CPAP will allow much better breathing and good things to come!