16 September 2007

War Damn Eagle?

What you see here is our new Mazda3's instrument panel. 42 glorious miles on 'er and a full tank of gas. I took this picture with my cellphone as we were at a traffic light. This was somewhere in Bluffton along 278, on our way back from IHOP ... our maiden trip with Kitt.

[Oh, did I mention we re-upped with Alltel earlier this week and now have a couple of Samsung Hue phones? They have 1.3 MP cameras on 'em]

This part of the dash appears more orange than red, and you can see the blue backlighting here.

Oooooooh, my family (who bleed crimson and white) is sure gonna love this one.

It's fun being a black sheep.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "But is the paneling trim made of Yella-Wood?" Gleck

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