17 September 2007

We wonder what the neighbors must be thinking...

Early this evening we went back up to the Mazda dealer to take "Kitt" in to remedy several "fit 'n' finish" issues common to new cars, and also for a cleaning/detailing which couldn't be done Saturday night. In Kitt's case, it was a slightly frayed and half unraveled seam on the steering wheel cover, as well as some loose trim inside the right front wheel well.

The salesperson asked if they could keep it overnight, and they'd give us a loaner car in the meantime. Which is funny because moments earlier I told Seraphim that I was going to ask the very same thing ... they just beat me to it.

So right now we have two cars in our driveway that don't belong to us! We were put in a dark red '07 Mazda6 for the night, complete with bright yellow South Carolina dealer tag. And beside it is the Mazda3 we've had on loan from the Ford dealership for what is pushing a week (hopefully - fingers crossed - they'll be ready with "Rupert" tomorrow. A new piece of trim and a replacement blower fan had yet to arrive as of this morning).

As we arrived home, my wife and bestest friend remarked that we've now had SIX (!) cars over the course of a month.

We started out with our two Hondas -- an '04 Element and '05 Civic Hybrid. That's two.

On August 25, we then traded in the "Psychedelic Milk Truck" Element and bought the 2008 Ford Escape (a/k/a "Rupert") .... making three.

Last week I took in Rupert and they proffered us a loaner, the aforementioned Mazda3. Four.

Saturday we traded "The Hybrid" and got a Mazda3 of our own, to love and to squeeze and to pet and to cuddle and to name it George. Except that we named her Kitt. That makes five.

And Mazda6 tonight - strangely enough - is number six.

The people on our street are gonna start wondering if we're trafficking in iron.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "It Hertz to even think about it" Gleck

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