22 October 2007

Mighty Carson's Art Slayer

What's Rod Stewart doing with that gun????

The look on Johnny's face says it all. And Letterman's gestures speak volumes: "You mean he has to sit by ME??"

Poor Miss Vicki. Poor tulips.

Poor US!

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I miss Johnny Carson" Gleck

PS: How would "Hi-YOOOOOO!!!!!" sound if said by Tiny Tim?


nettiemac said...

Oh my. Oh my. I am completely without speech. Poor everyone who had to see that the first time around.

Wow. Just .... Wow.

Kate/Susan said...

If I didn't know I was stone cold sober, I'd think I was hallucinating.

That was, simply, indescribable. The 70's (?) were real good times.

Talmadge G. said...

If you think this is crazy, you should see the 1969 Tiny Tim/Miss Vicki wedding on The Tonight Show. Unfortunately, I don't see it anywhere on YouTube.

Coincidentally, the commercial before the wedding began was for PEPTO BISMOL.

Did you know Tiny Tim was a very conservative person who had extremely rigid views about the role of a woman in marriage? You wouldn't know it from what you watched, though! (It did lead to Miss Vicki divorcing him)

[word verification = "jobgm" ... if I do, does that mean I have to buy Chevrolets?]