19 October 2007

It's good to be king

"Calling all parents! Calling all kids! Here's your chance to buy a Davey Crockett Bed!! It's a twin size bed, just right for the kids, with scenes of Davy Crockett in action on the mattress."
--1950s radio commercial

About this time ten years ago (would this qualify as "XYAT #5-1/2"?), I dropped about 500 bucks of money which I barely had in order to buy a new queen-sized mattress set.

That mattress has taken me -- and Seraphim, and Puddy -- to the present day. A decade's worth of sleeping has taken the normal toll on her, and her springs are dun sprung out. She's sagging in more places than an 80-year-old woman's .... ummmm, errrrr .... the mattress is old. Needs replacing.

For the last year or two we've discussed getting a king-sized bed. Enough room for two people who don't exactly have the dimensions of Calista Flockhart. And enough room that Puddy can stretch out. And, sometimes, nudge herself between us.

We began shopping in earnest this week, starting locally with Farmer's Furniture and Badcock. Farmer's prices were middling, but they wanted $69.00 just to deliver .... yes, even if the house is less than a mile away. Badcock's wanted only $59.00 for delivery, but their prices were highway robbery. And both wanted another $50 or so for the bed frame.

I again quote the great philosopher and my old college friend Lance: "F(BLEEP)k that sh(BLEEP)t."

Yesterday we swung by a local chain called Mattress Depot. Very unpretentious hole in the wall of a strip on the Southside. Nothing but mattresses. This place offered free delivery up to 35 miles (Rincon is 33 miles away, heh heh), and the bed frame came with it. The price was good, too -- a Simmons Beautyrest king-sized mattress set for about $200 less than what Farmer's Furniture wanted for a similar Sealy. Plush, but no pillowtop.

We got approved for six months same as cash, and they're gonna deliver it tomorrow. We'll get to sleep in Sunday morning on our new bed.

Ahhhh, but was the expenditurin' over with? Hell, no. Queen-sized sheets don't exactly fit onto a king mattress, so we had to go shopping for a new comforter, new sheets, new pillows and a new mattress pad. Headboard? Not enough money to go that far. But that's optional, and can wait another year or more.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Sam's had a good deal on a set of two (2) king-sized pillows. $15.99. Check.

But Sambo's only had the "satin"-like sheet sets, and Seraphim vetoed that. So, across Pooler Parkway to Wal-Mart we went. We found a "bed-in-a-bag" for $79.00 -- the comforter looks nice, at least from the outside of the bag. Let's hope it isn't as cheap as the price. The sheets in there are 250-thread count. Meh .... that may become our 'extra' set for now. We'll wash 'em and then see how they feel.

Mattress pad at Wal-Mart. $34.99. Check.

King-sized sheet set. $54.99 for a 330-thread-count. A bit cheaper than the 400 count, but it didn't feel any rougher. We're not the snobs my brother and his wife are, but we don't like sleeping on sandpaper, either. I remember the scrambling we did trying to find the "right" kind of sheet set for their wedding gift back in '99 .... I think my SIL's skin breaks out in hives if there's so much as a thread below 600.

Total price for accessories on top of a $799.00 Simmons Beautyrest "Hanson Bay Plush" king-sized mattress? Just a hair under 200, with tax.

Grand total for this whole change in sleeping? About $1,050. Thank gawd for Christmas money and using other peoples' money to bridge us 'till then.

The feeling we'll have when my wife and I can move around without pissing off the dog? Priceless.

Meanwhile, just one more night on this old bessie of a queen-sized mattress.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "King me." Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

Lucky ducks! We have been debating a king size bed since forever, but just haven't coughed up the cash for it yet... Hmmm... Now you're making me think!

Talmadge G. said...

Uh oh. Sometimes I'm notorious for doing that.

It's in our bedroom, all made up, as we speak. It sure looks pur-tee.

nettiemac said...

Ah yes .... I need a new mattress set myself. Yeah, I just bought this one four years again. A nice Serta one, no less.

Alas, I only have room for a twin bed. I must be the only 38-year-old in creation still sleeping on a twin bed. No matter .... it's MINE MINE MINE (and paid for).

What I truly, truly dream of someday .... buying one of the Sheraton beds that they sell from the website. Oh. My. God. Those are heaven. Also only available in queen.

Oh BTW, do you guys have a Belk? They had king sheets on sale this weekend ... Mom and Dad picked up some for theirs.

Congratulations on the new purchase, and MANY happy nights of sleeping!!! Gabby will love you too for it!

nettiemac said...

Well. I'll be damned. I just checked the website. It now comes in ALLLL sizes!

I'm thinking. I'm thinking.

Talmadge G. said...

Yes, we have one Belk store - on the north end of "Ugly"-thorpe mall ... which had that FYE store we visited last weekend. (btw, Best Buy had copies of the Brian Setzer CD in stock Wednesday. $14.99. Got one, and it's highly recommended ... wonderful and very very quirky)

We didn't think of Belk. Oh well, too late now.....

Dunno about the Sheraton beds, but the Hampton Bed, I'm sure, gives it a run for the money.