01 October 2007

Not that I give a royal gaggle of flying f-bombs, mind you

File under "B2TH" (Boo To The Hoo):

Britney Spears loses custody of the kids to her ex-husband.

It all falls down to one question, and I fully intend to address God with this should I have an audience with Him, whenever that may be:

Why do you curse some women with "reproductive issues" -- women who are teeming over with love and nurturing to give, thus keeping them from a simple dream and desire of motherhood -- while you allow millions of low-life trailer park bottom-feeders to crank out babies like Powerball tickets out of the machine at the curb store??!!

Just a simple question. I don't expect an answer from anyone, as none of you are God. No offense.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Dear Lord, please smite her ovaries. Amen." Gleck


nettiemac said...

I never imagined that Fed-X would be the responsible one......

And you're right. There are millions of women with hearts full of love and broken dreams ..... and millions more who can spit 'em out like rabbits (all for a welfare check). It truly is not fair at all.

Kate/Susan said...

Amen. Count me into that number of women. And I am sick to my stomach at the sight of those boys crying while she sucks on a lollipop.

Hate her. Hate God sometimes. But He forgives me.

Seraphim9 said...

I have a time or two gone on the Ga. Division of Family and Children Services website. They have a section where you can "meet the children". They have pictures of children in the foster system with a bio of each of them. Several are children with special physical needs, but many of them are the result of parental abuse or neglect and are suffering many different types of emotional and behavioral problems as the result. Pretty much every child is on some sort of medication or therapy.

I swear, it just makes me want to hunt the bio parents down, shake them, and say WTF is WRONG WITH YOU??? Do they not know what they are doing to these children???

There is a sister/brother pair on there. Kayla, now 17, suffers from depression and anxiety because of earlier experiences. Dillon, her brother, has severe emotional and behavior problems. Fox 5 in Atlanta does a weekly promo called "Wednesday's Child" which features children in the foster system. Kayla was about 15 then, Dillon 13. They got to visit the governor's mansion, have a tour and then ice cream sundaes. Where else can you have the pleasure of watching Mary Perdue chugging Reddi-Whip straight from the can? Toward the middle of the of the video, they talk with the children. Kayla says, "I wish people would like me for who I was, not who they'd like me to be." Oh, Lord, I was in tears. All I wanted to do was go through my computer and give her and Dillon a big hug and then take them home with me.

Another little girl, Amanda who is 9, is a bright girl who due to neglect was developmentally delayed. Beautiful girl with curly blonde hair, it says at the end of her bio, "Amanda’s ideal family will shower her with unconditional love and acceptance while providing structure and consistency." She couldn't get that from the person who gave her life. Such a shame, I hope she finds someone who can do that and more.

Then there are my nephews. You've heard the stories, I probably don't have to elaborate. Now, I'm not saying my sister is a bad mother, I know she tries very hard. But she gets more concerned with the well-being of her deadbeat, unemployed, helpless husband than her own sons. Should be the other way around. BIL doesn't care unless he wants something, then he puts on "The Daddy Show" big time. He turns my stomach, I swear.

What I wouldn't give to have Sis and nephews living in town with us. If I can't be a mom, then I could at least be the doting aunt and help out with the boys. I fear for these boys' futures and can only pray that my mom and dad's influences counteract their father's influences. Thank God for my parents. If not for them, Lord only knows what those boys would be like these days.

Well, once again I've gotten on my soapbox and rambled on. I just see red when I hear stories like Britney the Twit's.