27 October 2007

One more fan of the 'Dan

Got a call from my kid a little while ago.

He asked if I could burn him a CD of Steely Dan's greatest hits.

After the shock wore off, I told him that I have no such creature. (well, yeah, I have Gold ... but that's more 'classic album tracks' than their "hits", per se) I have every SD album ever made, so having the hits package is kind of redundant. Gold, however, has a few treasures not found on their regular albums, such as "Here At the Western World" and the live version of their 1973 track "Bodhisattva" (originally the B-side of "Time Out of Mind"). So that one sits on the Gleck CD shelf. Shelves. Crap, WALL.

But what I told Tiger I'd do is flame-broil him a CD's worth of all their classics, and then some. I might throw in all of Countdown to Ecstasy and Aja, while I'm at it.

I'm amazed (and, I admit, delighted) at how my son's musical tastes have suddenly branched out into classic rock and old-school R&B. One group he's begun exploring is The Ohio Players. I asked him this morning if he's ever heard "Skin Tight" - their best song, IMO - but he hadn't. Seeing as the kid is a sucker for good bass lines, he'll love it.

It's a far cry from our little trip to South of the Border back in March '06, and we had Donald Fagen's (then) new CD in the car ... he was cringing at the voice, and hated every note of it.

Amazing what a little growin' will do to ya.

Well, I'd best get my dirty Pig Pen arse into the shower, because Seraphim's jonesin' for a trip into town for a Nordicware demo at some kitchen place in midtown. And I could use a good visit to Silly Mad CDs.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge Don't Lose That Number


nettiemac said...

Your kid is great ..... and I came into some of my musical tastes later in life too.

Talmadge G. said...

Same here. College seems to be when I really grew into other things.

I'm glad to know it's happening for him in 10th grade.