06 November 2007

Holy ... shitzu .....

So this morning I made a stop at the Kroger that's on my way to work. I had one (1) item on my list: one (1) can of Kroger brand solid white albacore tuna. The lunch of champions.

On my way to the canned meats section, I noticed on the soft drink endcap a curious sight: SQUIRT in 2-liter bottles. Okay, I've seen that off and on around Savannah over the last seven years. But never in cans, or even 20-oz. bottles.

On a whim, I scanned down the main soft drink aisle, and there they were.


So maybe that Diet Squirt wasn't the fluke I was afraid it was.

And yeah, I bought a couple, why do you ask?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Okay, make that THREE items" Gleck

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