28 November 2007

I'm back from my therapy

This dentist office has another name for root-planing and scaling: GUM THERAPY.

This morning I went in to have said "therapy" performed on part of my mouth. The right side (or 'stage left') had the honors.

I have to say this experience was light-years better than the one I had in '95. For starters, this outfit does way better with the injections. They applied the topical anesthetic, and - get this - actually let it do its job before the needle's turn. I counted six (6) shots in all. Two of 'em were doozies, though. Oh well, as much as I hate two (2) painful pokes, it sure the hell beats 12.

The assistant who jockeyed the "gum therapy" was the same one who did the x-rays about three months back. Very good way about him ... was very conversational as he was doing his stuff, and -- most importantly -- was not condescending at all.

I go in again next Tuesday (12/04) for Therapy, Part Deux. I don't think I'm going to be as anxious about this one, as I know what to expect. Key word = "as." I still don't like dental chairs or having needles in my mouth. I do know it sure beats the hell out of Summer '95, following my first root-pla--er, "gum therapy", when I was in a state of near purple panic prior to the second visit.

Next week's appointment is in the afternoon, and I'll be able to drive myself. I don't think I'll need the Valium.

By the way, that pill might've taken the "edge" off of my anxiety, yet otherwise it didn't do jack-diddly. I popped one at 740 this morning, and here it is 11 AM. I feel my own charmin' psychotic self.

As for now, the right side of my mouth is still numb, and I know that later this afternoon that area will be hurting like a maternal fornicator.

All in the pursuit of cleaner teeth.

"Colgate's flouride M-F-P / Helps prevent the cavities ...." (I've forgotten how the rest of that old jingle went; "Captain Kangaroo" was a long damn time ago)

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "No food for me right now, thanks" Gleck

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