05 December 2007

Damn his eye!

So the awesomest missus-type wifely woman and I were partaking of Chick-Fil-A tonight. As Seraphim was finishing her vittles, I got up to procure myself a refill of Coke. As I was waiting for the lady behind the counter to serve the people ahead of me, I noticed this sweet little kid, in a red sweatshirt. Seven years old, maybe 8. The lady handed him the object of his desire: a vanilla milkshake.

Damn him. Damn him to Bloomingdale and back. Now I had to have one.

I threw my empty Coke cup in the garbage, and waited for my turn to place an order for a Vanilla milkshake (and a small Icedream for Seraphim). CFA's shakes are almost as good as Steak-N-Shake, and only half as good as Byrd Drug, yet miles ahead of Krystal's grotesque, so-called "MilkQuakes."

It was good, and hit the spot as a nice dessert. Although I could've used one last night -- the second part of my "gum therapy" was yesterday afternoon (more on that in a sec), and my mouth was plenty sore after the novacain wore off.

From there it was Home Sweet Rincon bound. Then we noticed the Walgreen's had (finally!) opened yesterday. *sigh* Yeah, I wanted to check the place out, too. But Sera especially did. Besides, we needed a few toiletry-like things anyway.

We both needed deodorant -- that way we wouldn't make folks downwind go into a spasmodic curdle. Check. Dental floss: check. Antihistamine pills: check. CD/R spindle: che---wait, blank recordable media is not a "toiletry" item. Screw it, at $8.99 for a cakebox of 50 Maxell CD/Rs, one went home with Talmadge.

It's a nice Walgreen's, and had that "new drug store smell." I just wish it were open 24 hours, like the one on Savannah's southside. Ours closes at 10 PM. Oh well, I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth; we're lucky to have it.

* * * * * * * * *
Ahhhh, dental adventures yesterday. As I said, I went in for the second half of my "therapy." Jonathan, who was my Tooth Shrink, did a very good and thorough job. Very conversational throughout the whole thing. What's funny is, he apologized for the dentist last week who did the novacain injections -- ref. the aforementioned "two doozies" -- saying the 'dentist on duty' (the wifely side of the couple who own the practice) was much better at injections.

I told Jonathan, "Hell, that guy was million-fold better than 'Dr. Allen' back in Troy, so I can't complain."

As it turned out, there were no surprises with "Dr. Julie." It might've been the most painless novacain application I'd ever received. Well, Jonathan did the planing/scaling, and did a polishing of the tee-fees, and I must say they're the best looking they've been in a long friggin' time. He expressed amazement that my teeth were in such good a shape, given the long period of dental dereliction. Can't bitch.......

What I am going to attempt to do (and it's why I bought floss tonight at Green-Wall's) is improve my brushing and flossing regimen. I'm due for a regular cleaning in March '08.

I still don't like people violating my "mouth space" with various instruments, and I did tell Jonathan that I'll always be a little tense in the chair ... however, after this experience I can say that my fear of dentists has plummeted a good 75% or more.

As for the kid at Chick-Fil-A, I still damn him.

But in a good way.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Drenk Mor Shaiks" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

That whimpering sound you hear faintly in the distance is ME .... jonesing for a shake!

We just got a Walgreen's in Easley -- just opened last week. There's one that opened last spring down the road from work. As much as I'm a CVS girl (primarily because it's all we have here in Liberty), I love shopping at Walgreen's ... they have mucho nice stuff.