31 December 2007

End-of-the-year Moi-Moi

Best Album: Tie - Memory Almost Full by Paul McCartney and Raising Sand from Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. Macca bounces back and Robert Plant delivers the surprise of a decade, if not millennium.

Best Non-Fiction: Something I'm reading right now, in fact ... Bob Sullivan's book Gotcha Capitalism. Very eye-opening. Also very depressing as hell. Does your butt hurt? We should; we get done doggie-style by American businesses each day.

Best TV Series: Seraphim watches 95% of the television in this household. About the only things I watch are Letterman, Family Guy and Robot Chicken.

Best Fiction: Haven't read a piece of fiction in many moons.

Best Kids’ Music: I try to avoid it as much as possible. I damn near rejoiced the day my son decided he'd outgrown "Radio Disney."

Best Movie: One we saw recently, in fact: Waitress. Honk your car's horn multiple times if you agree.

Best Sign of the Apocalypse: That we have a halfway good chance of another Clinton in the White House.

Best Comeback of the Year: "Cable is faster than DSL ... so what? A Corvette is faster than a Camry, but what good is a Corvette when it's in the shop half the time??!!" -- said to the Comcast representative as I was preparing to drop 'em and go with DSL.

Best Old TV show you are just getting into: My wife (who watches the $$ we pay for Dish Network) is the only reason we even have such television. Me, I'd have gone straight "OTA" (Over The Air) when we dropped Comcast in February. She can like it for me; personally I think cable/satellite is the biggest ripoff in this country today. $70 a month, and 90-95% of it is the same donkey vomit .... very little, if any, classic TV anymore, and reality shows and infomercials out all of our body orifices.

Best grocery store: Our local Kroger, I suppose.

Best (Summer) Vacation: We don't do Summer, we instead do Winter. Looking very forward to West Virginia in February.

Proudest Accomplishments this year: Braving, and ultimately conquering a gripping fear of the dentist chair.

Goals for Next Year: Realistic, or "yeah, right!"? Weight is still static -- at least I haven't gained any. To start seriously walking ... can I do this? We both bombed the Y experiment for a multitude of reasons. More realistic goal: for Seraphim and I to make it to March of this year, when we can celebrate TEN YEARS together.

Most Exciting Sports Moment of the Year: Is that guy still in the Wide World of Sports opening? You know, that skier wiping out as the announcer says "...and the agony of defeat!"

Saddest moment of the year: I'd have to say the recent death of Ginger.

Happiest moment of the year: Driving down New River Gorge, and, with Seraphim at my side, looking upward toward the "new" bridge while standing on the "old" one. Either that, or else standing with my wife at the Hawk's Nest Overlook about 40 miles away, looking at some profoundly beautiful mountain scenery.

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