05 February 2008

Bottoms up, Effingham!

With all but one precinct (Tiger Ridge?) reporting, it appears that "wet" has carried the day!

Effingham County
YES: 59%
NO: 39%

And there were also two separate referendums for residents of Rincon and Springfield. We actually had to vote at two different places tonight: Our regular polling place - Rincon Baptist Temple - for the primary and Effingham County vote (both of us went Obama and "wet"), and we had to high-tail it to the Rincon Community Center for the city vote, where it felt like a time-warp: we cast our lot on old-school voting machines. Man, I haven't used one of those things since the '80s, when I was living in Arkansas!

Wet won in both places ....

YES = 911
NO = 380

YES = 160
NO = 102

That's right, boys and girls, no more "wine margaritas" for El Real!

Now then, when are we gonna get us sum-uh-dem "full-service restaurants"??!!

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Always Vote Early and Often" Gleck

1 comment:

nettiemac said...

Two words: Hot. Damn.

It's not about the alcohol for me. Yeah, I drink but rather rarely. A glass of wine a month at the most.

But what rankles me is someone somewhere telling me I Can't. Or that if I Do, I am evil, hellbound, and whatever other epithet they can throw. Love how TWB's can drape the flag over themselves for everything ... but choice.

God Bless Effingham County, and Rincon (and y'all for voting for Obama -- ME TOO!)